George Springer Houston Astros

Age: 31 (September 19, 1989) | 6' 3" | 215lbs. | Bats: Right OF-109 CF-75 RF-59 DH-13 PH-2 PR-2
HOU AL 2016 162 644 116 168 88 178 29 5 29 82 9 10 .261 .359 .457 12 24 .317 48/20/31 23 25
HOU AL 2017 140 548 112 155 64 111 29 0 34 85 5 7 .283 .367 .522 10 18 .297 48/18/34 26 26
HOU AL 2018 140 544 102 144 64 122 26 0 22 71 6 4 .265 .346 .434 10 20 .303 49/16/35 20 21
HOU AA 2019 3 10 3 4 4 1 0 0 2 5 1 0 .400 .571 1.00 29 7 .286 n/a
HOU AL 2019 122 479 96 140 67 113 20 3 39 96 6 2 .292 .383 .591 12 20 .305 45/20/36 29 27
HOU AL 2020 50 186 37 49 24 37 6 2 14 32 1 2 .263 .359 .543 11 17 .255 36/21/42 8 8
Career 7yrs 794 3084 567 831 396 784 137 13 174 458 48 31 .269 .361 .492 11 22 .306 n/a
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Joel Sherman in the New York Post:

In the now scheduled 67-day season, players will receive roughly 2.78 days of service for every day the season is played beginning July 23 (if it begins July 23).

Normally a player needs 172 days of service to accrue a year. Astros center fielder George Springer has five years and 166 days of service because in 2014 he was held down just long enough to make sure he would need to play seven seasons to reach free agency rather than six. He did not file a grievance. But if he still carries animosity, he could, for example, choose not to play after July 24 and still have amassed the six service days (the fraction is rounded up) to qualify for free agency after the season.

James Paxton needs seven days to qualify for free agency, Marcus Stroman eight, A’s star shortstop Marcus Semien 19, Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts (the top projected potential free agent) 36.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 12

Per Houston Chronicle, Astros are  still laying the groundwork to re-sign Springer... Nice to see no bad blood from the Arbitration case this year...

"Whether a game is played in 2020 or not, George Springer is slated to become a free agent for the first time this coming winter. The Astros, however, hope to broker a long-term deal with their star outfielder, per Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle. While he was overseeing the baseball ops department in between the firing of Jeff Luhnow and hiring of new GM James Click, owner Jim Crane “made it clear” to Springer’s representatives at Excel Sports Management that his club was interested in a long-term deal, Rome writes. Such talks aren’t permitted during the league’s transaction freeze, though the two sides can come back to the table once that freeze is lifted.

Crane made that desire clear not only in his words but also through his actions. As we noted at the time the two sides avoided arbitration, it’s uncommon these days for a team and player to agree on a one-year arrangement after arbitration numbers are filed. But Crane not only bucked the “file-and-trial” trend that permeates the game with regard to Springer — he inked the slugger at a $21MM rate that checked in north of the $20MM midpoint between Springer’s $22.5MM submission and the club’s $17.5MM figure.

Paired with Rome’s report on the situation, that seems like a clear show of good faith that the club hopes to keep Springer around for the long haul — keeping him in Houston alongside already-extended stars Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve. Bregman’s five-year, $100MM extension and Altuve’s $151MM extension both run through the 2024 campaign."

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
May 9

Interestingly - Springer struck out more on the road in 2017 than at home.

As we mull Springer's upcoming free agency - I'm wondering if being a part of the 2017 Astros is going to dampen the market for Springer next winter?  If the vitriol we're now seeing continues through the year, there may be a lot of teams who just don't want sign Springer and deal with the PR nightmare that will come from that.  Add that Springer will certainly be offered a Qualifying Offer ... it might just be that the Astros will be more ready to drop a pile of cash on Springer than any other team (except maybe Boston  ...)

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Mar 2

Re Marwin Gonzalez thread...

Springer's home slash stats in 2017: .273/.366/.509.

Away: .292/.367/.534.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 31

Truth be told, it will come down to cold hard cash. If the Astros pony up, George will sing their praises and tell everyone how much he loves the city of Houston and can't think of playing anywhere else. If they don't, George will have his agent's hat on within minutes of the season ending while giving interviews at his locker just like Garrett Cole. Such a classy exit by Mr. Cole.

Matt Roberson Doc
Jan 22

With Luhnow out, I now have zero idea what the Astros strategy will be regarding an extension.  But on draft day, he is maybe the one Astro I would not discount in his walk year.

The Astros certainly caved on his arbitration deal.  Maybe that built up some small amount of post-Luhnow goodwill? 

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Jan 21

Fair enough. It's good to disagree because that's what these forums are for, the exchange of information. I fully stand by my position though. Springer will NEVER sign back with the Astros. Just like Bryant hates Cubs ownership, Springer hates Astros ownership. Sorry, but you'll be a very sad Astros fan come this time next year.

Matt Roberson Doc
Jan 21

I have to disagree with Doc.  But not for the reasons Phil mentions.  I disagree because Springer is a fan favorite, loves being so, and already signed one extension that he played under for the previous 2 years.  Below is a recap written last spring on the local Houston Chronicle Texas Sports Nation site.  Springer sounds very open to staying put.  He wants to be paid for sure, but the Astros paid Altuve and Bregman, and I see them as more likely to pay Springer than Correa, whom they have explored trading recently.

General manager Jeff Luhnow has doled out five contract extensions in his eight-year Astros tenure. Two went to homegrown players coming off excellent seasons who distinctly expressed a desire to remain in Houston. Springer, a first-round pick in 2011, would fit that same mold given he continues his stellar start to 2019.

In spring training, when news of Alex Bregman's extension broke, Springer said he would be "open to anything." Asked if he or his agent had specific discussions with the club regarding a contract extension, Springer gave a wide smile and said he's "had some talks with them about certain things."

"I love it here," Springer said. "This is a good spot for me, and we'll have to see what the future brings," Springer said. "At some point, I would speak to my agent, and we'd go from there."

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Jan 12

I'm sorry but any player striking out in one third of his ABs ... like Springer did in AA/AAA in 2013 ... doesn't have a right to complain about not being fast-tracked.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Jan 12

There is ZERO chance Springer signs back with the Astros. They may want to extend him but he'll never do it unless they offer him some ungodly amount of money. The Astros held Springer down in the minors at least one year if not a year and a half too long during their rebuild so he wouldn't gain any service time. He should have filed a grievance like Bryant did against the Cubs. Springer can't stand Astros ownership because of it and will leave as soon as he's a free agent. I don't blame him one bit either.

Matt Roberson Doc
Jan 12