Dusty Baker Washington Nationals

Age: 70 (June 15, 1949) | 6' 2" | 187lbs. | Bats: Right
LAN NL 1982 147 570 80 171 56 62 19 1 23 88 17 10 .300 .361 .458 9 10 .300 n/a
LAN NL 1983 149 531 71 138 72 59 25 1 15 73 7 1 .260 .346 .395 12 10 .265 n/a
SF NL 1984 100 243 31 71 40 27 7 2 3 32 4 1 .292 .387 .374 14 9 .313 n/a
OAK AL 1985 111 343 48 92 50 47 15 1 14 52 2 1 .268 .359 .440 13 12 .274 n/a
OAK AL 1986 83 242 25 58 27 37 8 0 4 19 0 1 .240 .314 .322 10 14 .266 n/a
Career 19yrs 2039 7117 964 1981 762 926 320 23 242 1013 137 73 .278 .347 .432 10 12 .288 n/a
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My hopes for the Baker-led Astros are now fully based in the veracity of a single article from a New York writer...


Hopefully all 5 "truths" here hold up!

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Mar 4

Funniest thing about this ST game was the ironic "sign stealing."  Fans entering with signs to heckle the Astros had their signs stolen, er, taken away, by security.

If Dusty can reverse his bullpen management issues, I'll happily support him.  And I saw a recent data-based arguement that those issues were mostly bad luck, not errors.  If he was simply splitting aces and eights, but drew bad cards, then let him keep playing.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Feb 24

When Manfred described the penalties for violating the rule he said GMs and Managers would pay, no players. Why he didn't stick to this in his press appearances is mystifying. Worst PR guy ever.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Feb 24

Mr. Crane ignored Bob in January, and after the first game in spring training I'm not sure it wasn't a good hire.

From the ESPN account of the game:

Fans booed loudly every time the public address announcer said "Astros," and fans behind Houston's dugout heckled Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers Jr. as they stood on the dugout steps before the game. A few fans banged on their metal seats, attempting to mimic the banging on a trash can the Astros used to relay stolen signs to hitters.

One fan in a Nationals jersey yelled: "Hey Altuve, are you scared to play tonight?" Others screamed "You suck!" and "Cheaters!"

About a half-dozen fans wore shirts that read "bang foul poles, not trash cans" in reference to Howie Kendrick's decisive home run for Washington in Game 7 of last year's World Series.

First-year Houston manager Dusty Baker said he didn't think the reception was "too bad" and said his team will have to get used to it.

"You'll probably get the same reception most places you go, especially the first go-round," he said. "So you've just got to put your big-boy pants on and then just try to shut it out and just play baseball and realize this too shall pass."

But will it? Or does it just keep growing after Manfred decides on the right penalty for the Red Sox?

Is there a right penalty? I agree with Manfred about one thing. Suspending players would not have helped.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 23

Astros interviewing Dusty for their managerial job.  And all Astros fans I know say, please, NOOOOOOOO!

For me Dusty is the definition of mediocrity in a manager, and he has never been able to manage a bullpen.

Please, no, Mr. Crane.  Please.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Jan 19