Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers

Age: 28 (December 5, 1991) | 6' 3" | 195lbs. | Bats: Left OF-125 LF-6 CF-1 RF-125 DH-2 PH-2
MIA NL 2016 155 578 78 172 72 138 38 3 21 98 9 4 .298 .376 .483 11 21 .356 57/23/20 29 26
MIA NL 2017 156 602 100 170 80 137 36 2 18 81 16 2 .282 .369 .439 12 20 .336 55/19/25 26 25
MIL NL 2018 147 574 118 187 68 135 34 7 36 110 22 4 .326 .402 .598 10 21 .373 52/25/24 49 45
MIL NL 2019 130 489 100 161 80 118 29 3 44 97 30 2 .329 .429 .671 14 20 .355 43/21/36 50 43
MIL NL 2020 9 36 5 4 7 17 1 0 2 4 0 1 .111 .256 .306 16 40 .118 58/11/32 -1 -1
Career 8yrs 929 3577 592 1071 455 849 210 24 141 504 124 25 .299 .381 .490 11 21 .357 n/a
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Four walks and a trip around the bases running flat out.

Alex Patton Alex

Most surprising slow start?  I think so ... not a bad ISO, I s'pose ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Brewers "Blue and Gold" World Series will be streamed on as well. Navarez and Garcia were captains. Braun was picked first, Yelich second but then the teams were forced to make a trade so that the pitchers would have a better righty/lefty mix to pitch against.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 15

Ron Shandler, writing for The Athletic in February, doesn't go as far as Joe Sheehan. He seems to think 30 dingers could happen.

3. Christian Yelich unexpectedly built on his crazy 10-week run at the end of 2018 and would likely be sitting at No. 1 right now if not for a broken kneecap in September. That injury has reportedly healed and he’s expected to be “fully healthy” when camps open, but as always, “let me see it first.” It’s exciting to project out his consistently-rising annual trends, and we humans are so married to patterns that all we see is the upside. But there are ceilings, and this peaking 28-year-old has shown true Herculean productivity for the equivalent of only one full season, a month and a week (you can look it up). Last year’s power output was during a season when every stadium moved in their fences by 50 feet (also true; they used a lot of mirrors) so a repeat HR performance might need to rely on the balls that come to play. The short track record at this level is enough to cause some worry.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 3

To my mind, Joe Sheehan's pan of Yelich in last year's Rotowire mag (Allard page) just underscores the amazingness of the season Yelich ended up having.

"The NL MVP got the award thanks to an absurd second half in which 46% of the flyballs he hit went for home runs... Yelich's season-long HR/FB of 35% was double his career mark. Yelich was less of a groundball hitter last year than he'd been, but still put more than half his batted balls in play on the ground."

So far so good. All well-grounded, so to speak, objections. It's the concluding sentence of this particular pan that I'm sure Joe regrets.

"Yelich's 2018 is Joe Mauer's 2009, a good year inflated by a fluke HR/FB we will never see again. If you pay for 20 homers, much less 30, you're making a mistake."

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 24

PS: Peter had the second pick in the Guide's mock draft this year and picked Yelich.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 27

Christian Yelich (OF) MIL - Jan. 26

Yelich (kneecap) said Sunday his knee is fully recovered and he'll enter spring training with no restrictions, Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Yelich sustained the fractured right kneecap Sept. 10 and was given an 8-to-10 week recovery timeline, though he apparently didn't feel fully healthy until about a month ago since the team slow-played his rehab. The 28-year-old finished second in voting for National League MVP behind Cody Bellinger...

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 27

When we turned the page (yesterday), the three sets of bids for 2019 were taken down.

They can be viewed in Stats. If you sort hitters by $5x5 descending, you'll find Yelich at the head of the class with bids from the Three Amigos: AP4 $35, PK5 $36, MF5 $33.

Not a whole lot of difference, to be sure. But if the three of us are in the same auction and we take our bid limits strictly, Peter comes away with Christian Yelich and that's what counts.

If you sort by $4x4, Yelich is still at the head of the class. And Peter still gets him.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '19

Almost impossible to have more consistency from year to year in the metrics we are tracking. Even his infield flies barely changed!

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '19