Chris Sale Boston Red Sox

Age: 30 (March 30, 1989) | 6' 6" | 180lbs. | Throws: Left P-27
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
CHW AL 2015 13 11 0 0 31 31 208.1 185 23 42 274 3.41 1.09 1.15 1.8 11.8 .341 43/22/35 21 26
CHW AL 2016 17 10 0 0 32 32 226.1 190 27 45 233 3.34 1.04 1.12 1.8 9.3 .287 41/21/38 31 30
BOS AL 2017 17 8 0 0 32 32 214.0 165 24 43 308 2.90 0.97 1.04 1.8 13.0 .323 39/20/41 38 38
BOS AL 2018 12 4 0 0 27 27 158.0 102 11 34 237 2.11 0.86 0.86 1.9 13.5 .304 44/20/36 36 34
BOS AL 2019 0 4 0 0 4 4 18.0 23 5 5 14 8.50 1.56 1.83 2.5 7.0 .329 47/19/34 -5 -3
Career 10yrs 103 66 12 0 291 211 1499.0 1212 153 342 1803 2.96 1.04 1.08 2.1 10.8 .304 n/a
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His two spring training starts: 9 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 13 SO, no runs.

It certainly would seem he needed a third.

Alex Patton Alex

The Cards agree, Andy. They demoted him to Triple-A.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Apr 7

I'm going to spend some time in the next month looking at struggling pitchers and the relationship to Spring Training work load

Take a look at Alex Reyes. He looks bad, only threw 8 innings in ST.

Keith Prosseda andypro
Apr 6

I think a large part of the problem is tied into Spring Training, or the lack of it. Chris Sale, 9 IP. Rick Porcello, 12 IP, ERod, 15 IP. Eovaldi, 7 IP. Price, 6 2/3 IP. Is that enough work to be ready to roll in the regular season? If you look back to the late-signings from last year, how many succeeded in the early going. Walker Buehler is undoubtedly a great young pitcher but was I surprised by the results from his first start? Not one bit. He got the grand total of 2 2/3 innings in this Spring. I'm going to spend some time in the next month looking at struggling pitchers and the relationship to Spring Training work load. Is April the new March?

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Apr 6

Right now we've got the Red Sox, Yankees and Astros all underachieving. But I'd be quite surprised if all 3 don't make the playoffs. 

The Sox are losing because proven players aren't playing the way they normally do. The SPs aren't pitching, and the hitters aren't hitting. The supposed weakness heading into the season - the bullpen - has been fine. 

Any Red Sox fans who are panicking are either listening to too much talk radio (probably the root of most of mankind's problems :)), or simply don't understand that a 6-month journey is barely underway. 

Kind of like how Rotisserie players aren't upset that they're at the bottom of the standings after 1 week. We've only just begun...

Scott Shea SJS
Apr 5

Peter and I flinched, dropping him a buck. Mike didn't.

Bids in the final update:

PK5 $37

MF5 $36

AP4 $34

The bids that are posted above are from mid-March. When the Red Sox signed Sale to the mega contract, Peter and I bumped him a bit, because they weren't worried about his lost velocity. Two bad starts and we worried.

The Red Sox? Maybe yes and maybe no.

But after reading the Boston Globe this morning, I can tell you Red Sox Nation is freaked out by the entire team, especially after the way they played yesterday. If they get whupped in Arizona, I hate to think.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 5

If you're drafting this weekend, what do you do about two bad starts from an ace?

Perhaps foolishly, I just took a dollar away from Sale.

It's easier to add money to the little guys who have two good starts. The books aren't going to quite balance when I'm finished because I won't have time.

But the better question is, is it possible the Red Sox made a mistake?

I think not.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 4

The record of the mighty AL East after opening Day: 1-4.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 29

These are the starters who were available who went $15 or higher.

Sale went for $46, I was the $45 bid.

Kluber went $42, I was the $41 bid, $42 was my price.

Carrasco $37

Paxton $33

Tanaka $27

Severino $23 (this was the only one below my price, but without other pitchers, I didn't want to build my staff around an injury.)

Morton $23

Kikuchi $17

McHugh $16

Glasnow $15

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Mar 24

The top free agents this year, who we were so wee-ed up about (is that how you spell wee'ed?), went through hell. The top free agents next year are going to be non-existent.

Bradford Doolittle at ESPN: "The future free-agent lists are losing luster fast. Based on the ratings I compiled for my position tiers series, nine of the top 30 players in baseball have signed extensions since the end of last season -- five of them this week alone."

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 23