Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies

Age: 29 (October 16, 1992) | 6' 3" | 210lbs. | Bats: Left 1B-1 OF-139 CF-3 RF-48 DH-2 PH-4
WAS NL 2018 159 550 103 137 130 169 34 0 34 100 13 3 .249 .393 .496 19 24 .289 40/22/38 29 28
PHI NL 2019 157 573 98 149 99 178 36 1 35 114 15 3 .260 .372 .510 15 26 .313 38/24/38 30 28
PHI NL 2020 58 190 41 51 49 43 9 2 13 33 8 2 .268 .420 .542 20 18 .279 36/18/46 35 32
PHI NL 2021 141 488 101 151 100 134 42 1 35 84 13 3 .309 .429 .615 17 23 .359 41/22/37 38 35
PHI NL 2022 34 131 29 40 11 33 14 1 9 27 6 1 .305 .361 .634 7 22 .337 29/30/41 12 11
Career 11yrs 1317 4688 879 1313 844 1222 284 23 276 779 117 40 .280 .391 .527 15 22 .320 n/a
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The Marlins would like to enter that "worst ownership" conversation. Miami fans are getting had. 

scott pianowski ballfour
Dec 13 '17

Of course.

I remember a team in Brooklyn.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 24 '17

Anyone remember an MLB team in Montreal?

Sam Bucovetsky mrbunnyhead
Nov 24 '17

As both a former Orioles' and Nats' full-season ticket holder, I think I *do* understand why the Nats' narrative is dominant: because it is, quite simply and objectively, right/just. They (the Nats) took what they could get in the MASN deal and did so only because they had zero, zilch, nada leverage or say in the matter.  Just like the Astros' sale where Bud Selig forced a move to the AL and Jim Crane had no leverage. Also a travesty.

Yes, Angelos is a brilliant lawyer and certainly may prevail.  But he is also, IMHO, a greedy a-hole and the worst owner in the league.  I used to love the O's and pay thousands of $$ a year to see them.  Now they can, well, kiss my backside.

Angelos has gotten precisely the team and results he deserves.  Karma is a b**ch.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Nov 23 '17

I really don't understand how the Nats' narrative is now dominant.  I guess they were better with PR.  The Commissioner, Orioles, and Nationals agreed to a process to bring them into the area with the MASN ownership as part of the agreement.  Now, the Nats new owners don't like what the original owners agreed to.  You know what that's known as - part of the purchase agreement.  If you didn't like the terms, don't buy the team.  Angelos is a great negotiator.  He meddles too much in the running of the team, but he is rarely on the wrong side of a contract.  In fact, his insistence on shorter contracts or voiding deals due to medical testing has proven correct. He supported the players in the 94-95 strike by refusing to field a team of replacements.  I'd say, he's rarely on the wrong side of history.  

The moral of the story is you don't just get more because you want more.  You get what you agreed to.  Angelos is a great negotiator and an outstanding litigator. He's going to prevail in this, because it's basic contract law.  He's also going to have his legal fees paid by the Lerners.  Doing right by the Nats is abiding by the terms MLB and the original Nats ownership agreed to.  They'll get their shares as they vest over the 20 year period.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Nov 23 '17

Interesting and surprisingly analytic article in the Washington Post recently about why $500 million is a reasonable contract aspiration for Bryce.  Of course the interminable battle between the Nats and Orioles/MASN over TV revenue makes any sum close to that impossible for Washington to consider.

Will Peter Angelos ever be forced to do right by the Nats? Perhaps if he did the karma gods would allow the O's some good luck.  Angeles and Dan Snyder have ruined the previously respected franchises of my youth in the DC area.  It pains me greatly.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Nov 22 '17

I had Goldschmidt ahead of Harper even before the injury. I think it comes down to Goldy and Arenado(he has tremendous value on offense and defense). Blackmon could change the landscape by getting to 100 RBIs which is unheard of for a NL leadoff hitter.

van wilhoite LVW
Aug 14 '17

Looks like Harper will miss significant time, and with the Kershaw injury, would you say Goldschimidt is the favorite for the NL MVP? Or Blackmon? Possibly his teammate Arenado? 

Dare I say Bellinger with the impact he has made to the Dodgers?

I can't see the voters going Stanton or Votto, even though both are having ridiculously great seasons.

Should be an interesting vote.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Aug 13 '17

One of the ugliest and most fantastic highlights/lowlights I've ever seen ... 

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 13 '17

On pace to have a 100 point swing in BABIP in consecutive seasons.

van wilhoite LVW
Jul 12 '17