Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants

Age: 35 (January 21, 1987) | 6' 1" | 223lbs. | Bats: Left SS-135 PH-8
SF NL 2018 151 531 63 135 50 122 28 2 14 54 4 5 .254 .325 .394 8 21 .302 44/25/31 13 14
SF NL 2019 147 500 58 114 53 117 24 2 11 59 3 2 .228 .304 .350 9 21 .274 48/23/28 6 7
SF NL 2020 54 172 26 44 15 47 12 0 8 28 1 2 .256 .326 .465 8 24 .303 42/23/35 17 17
SF NL 2021 138 483 79 144 56 105 30 3 24 90 11 3 .298 .373 .522 10 19 .334 40/19/41 32 29
SF NL 2022 63 214 26 48 21 50 8 2 5 30 1 1 .224 .313 .350 9 21 .269 46/15/39 4 4
Career 12yrs 1506 5099 614 1291 490 1139 272 43 135 684 44 34 .253 .322 .403 9 20 .298 n/a
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Three singles in four AB last night. In his last six games, he has six singles, a double, a triple, a homer, a walk and no strikeouts.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 27 '19

He had some fun last night in Coors.

Before we get today's stat feed...

Slashing .226/.297/.357

BABIP .284

G/L/F 48/25/28

$4x4 4

$5x5 5

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 16 '19

Crawford is having a horrible year ... not only a ..633 OPS, but his defensive metrics have slipped badly - the 3 time Gold Glove SS is only at 0.2 dWAR so far this year, continuing a 3 year decline.

OTOH, as noted before - Crawford is owed $43 million over the next 2.5 years.

Seems the Giants are finally recognizing that Crawford can't be effective as an everyday player anymore, and Donovan Solano has been in the lineup the last 3 days.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Jul 3 '19

The opening paragraph of Wiser's article (it's in the pay area):

Baseballs are being thrown harder now than ever before. This is a trend that has not gone unnoticed. In the 12 short years of the PITCHf/x era, the average four-seam fastball has increased in velocity by nearly two miles per hour and the average sinker has increased by one-and-a-half mph. That may sound like a small gain on the surface, but when the denominator is comprised of tens of thousands of pitches per season, moving the needle that much requires a lot of extra gas.

Clearly, hitters do throw harder than they did 12 years ago. But isn't at least some of the increased velocity explained by the new baseball they've been using since -- I don't remember exactly. But studies have shown the baseball in use now has less wind resistance. Obviously, this baseball will go faster and farther when it's struck. Just as obviously, it will go faster when it's thrown.

I've talked about this before from time to time. But very seldom is it mentioned in the mainstream press or by people in the TV booths. Or, for that matter, by pitchers.

Why not? If the new baseball is even partly to blame for all the strikeouts and homers that are changing the grand old game, why don't they revert to the old baseball?

Just about everyone agrees the grand old game is in trouble.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 26 '19

As we near the end of April, he's still looking for his first homer, slashing .202/.280/.226 with a .226 BABIP. The 52/25/23 G/L/F suggests some bad luck. But 26 S0% is bad, period. When no homers come with it, it's really bad.

Surprisingly, he's at the top of one of the charts in an article by Jeff Wiser posted at Baseball Prospectus today.

Slugging Percentage Against Pitches 95+ from LHP
NameBatsSLG on ContactNameBatsSLG on Contact
Brandon CrawfordL1.750Zack CozartR1.556
Scott ScheblerL1.286Justin UptonR1.429
Jay BruceL1.167Brian DozierR1.364
Corey SeagerL1.065Tim BeckhamR1.333
Cody BellingerL1.050Josh DonaldsonR1.222

These are slugging percentages from 2017 to present when hitters make contact. Crawford not only has outslugged all other lefty hitters against serious heat from left-handed pitchers, he's outslugged all other righty hitters. 

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 26 '19

Texpope -- Maybe try trading him prior to the keeper deadline for something you want?

Another way to look at it though is that he's $5 to $7 of the $60 in profit that you're trying to lock in and you could put Taylor in the OF, I would expect.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 26 '19

All winter long I'd been convincing myself that I'd keep him at $7 ... but I'm wondering why at this point.  He seems to be the infield equivalent of Nick Markakis ... consistent modest return on investment who you pick up cheap in the end game.  And last year I chased him on the basis that the Giants had upgraded their lineup over the offseason which would provide more opportunity for runs/RBIs ... and I don't even have that to hang my hat on.  Thinking of accepting that I should risk spending another buck or two on him or an equivalent middle infielder (I already have Chris Taylor for SS) in the auction in order to have the space available for something magic to happen?

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Mar 26 '19

Fangraphs: WAR 1.9 Bat -5 Field -1 Run -1 HR/FB 11% Pull 33% Hard 36%

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '18