Aaron Judge New York Yankees

Age: 30 (April 26, 1992) | 6' 7" | 282lbs. | Bats: Right OF-125 RF-25 DH-22 PH-3
NYY AL 2018 112 413 77 115 76 152 22 0 27 67 6 3 .278 .392 .528 15 31 .368 42/23/35 23 22
NYY AAA 2019 5 16 2 2 3 7 0 0 1 2 0 0 .125 .263 .312 16 37 .125 n/a
NYY AL 2019 102 378 75 103 64 141 18 1 27 55 3 2 .272 .381 .540 14 32 .360 40/27/32 17 17
NYY AL 2020 28 101 23 26 10 32 3 0 9 22 0 1 .257 .336 .554 9 28 .283 39/20/41 15 15
NYY AL 2021 148 550 89 158 75 158 24 0 39 98 6 1 .287 .373 .544 12 25 .332 41/23/36 33 30
NYY AL 2022 157 570 133 177 111 175 28 0 62 131 16 3 .311 .425 .686 16 25 .340 37/19/44 54 48
Career 7yrs 729 2638 535 748 472 908 121 4 220 497 40 15 .284 .394 .583 15 29 .345 n/a
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My sense is that mid-rotation starters, relievers, and even innings-eaters are also doing quite well (or at least better than expected) this year.  Teams are bursting through CBT thresholds more frequently, and guys with QO's don't seem to have been hindered thus far.  Too early to make a conclusion, but I do sense a positive trend for the MLBPA.
Bob Elam Bob-in-TX

Well, things were never bad for the superstars.  I think it's how it shakes out for the others that's always been the question, though the willingness to extend long deals to guys at or around 30 (Judge, Turner, Contreras) is a positive sign.  They have all produced and deserve to get paid.

Mike Landau ML-

As a Yankee hater, I'm very happy to see the Yanks pay this price along with taking the ever-growing CBT hit.

Man, this offseason is making the CBA look pretty successful thus far.  Maybe that is why Tony Clark was extended?  Yeah, that must be it.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX

Dan Martin and Greg Joyce in the New York Post:

Aaron Judge is staying in pinstripes.

The free-agent superstar and the Yankees agreed to a nine-year, $360 million contract on Wednesday, The Post’s Jon Heyman confirmed, keeping the AL MVP in The Bronx for the foreseeable future and possibly the rest of his career. The Athletic first reported the news.

Judge, 30, took a visit with his hometown Giants during the free-agent process but in the end is staying home instead of going home. The Padres also offered a late bid for Judge’s services, meeting him Tuesday night at Petco Park in San Diego, but were turned down.

Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees celebrates in the outfield
Aaron Judge will be sticking in The Bronx after testing the free agency market.
Getty Images

The outfielder turned down a seven-year, $213.5 million offer from the Yankees before Opening Day, betting on himself and winning big. 

Alex Patton Alex

Dire Forebodings Department in the New York Post.

Jole Sherman:

You know who had a bad Friday night? 

The Yankees. 

The Mets lost Jacob deGrom, but his signing in dollars spent and the team that landed him offered the blueprint by which Aaron Judge could leave the Yankees. Namely, a desperate organization with lots to spend making an offer that can’t be refused and won’t be matched, even by a New York team. 

DeGrom will turn 35 in June. He has played sparingly the past two seasons due to worrisome arm issues. He is hardly known for his leadership skills. Yet he reached agreement with the Rangers on a five-year contract for $185 million that could grow to $222 million via a conditional sixth-year option. The guaranteed portion provides deGrom a $37 million annual average value, which is the second largest ever behind the $43.33 million of now ex-teammate Max Scherzer. 

It won’t be second for long.

Judge will turn 31 in April. He has had two straight healthy seasons, including a record-breaking one in 2022. He is the Yankees’ leader on and off the field. 

In spring training, Judge suggested he should be paid annually on par with Mike Trout’s position record of $35.5 million. Now, it is hard to believe that he won’t top deGrom’s $37 million, on a considerably longer contract. Will it be $40 million? Will it be more than Scherzer’s deal?

Was this past season Aaron Judge's last with the Yankees?
Was this past season Aaron Judge’s last with the Yankees?
Getty Images
Jacob deGrom signed a massive five-year $1185 million deal with the Rangers on Friday.
Jacob deGrom signed a massive five-year $1185 million deal with the Rangers on Friday.

The biggest threats to the Yankees signing Judge — the Giants — have a lot in common with the Rangers (who were always seen as the biggest threat for deGrom): namely irrelevance, worrisome attendance and lots of payroll. Texas has not made the playoffs since 2016, opened its new stadium, Globe Life Field, in 2020 amid the pandemic and was 18th in average attendance in 2022 even after investing a half-a-billion dollars on middle infielders Corey Seager and Marcus Semien and going 68-94. 

The Giants have made the playoffs just once since 2016, when they won 107 games in 2021. But they slumped back to 81-81 in 2022 and their attendance was down nearly 900,000 from 2016. They have only $18.5 million guaranteed to players in 2024, so like the Rangers purchasing Seager and Semien and still having dough for deGrom, the Giants can go big for their No. 1 target, Judge, and still have plenty to spread elsewhere this year and in the coming ones...

Alex Patton Alex

Jon Heyman in the Post today:

The nine top free agents, all likely to command nine-figure deals, remain on the board. But if history is a guide, they may start signing soon — maybe at the winter meetings, beginning this weekend. 

Predicting free agency isn’t something to be tried at home. But here’s how we’d guess today: 

1. Aaron Judge: The clear No. 1 guy has only two known teams seriously in the bidding, no reflection on him and all about the dollars he’ll command — $300 million plus. (The Dodgers may have rare money concerns, and are focusing on pitching and shortstop.) The Yankees remain favored. But if he’s upset at the October booing, or possibly the spring offer (or team announcement of such), or prefers to be nearer his parents in Linden, Calif., two hours from San Francisco, he has a fine second option. Although, one rival exec doubts the Giants: “He’s going to leave the greatest market to go across country to a team where it’s hard to hit homers? Come on.” Favorites: 1. Yankees; 2 Giants. 

Alex Patton Alex

The algorithm had this one almost exactly right.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 18

The voting:


Aaron Judge, NYY: 28 (first), 2 (second) -- 410 points
Shohei Ohtani, LAA: 2 (first), 28 (second) -- 280 points
Yordan Alvarez, HOU: 22 (third), 8 (fourth) -- 232 points
José Ramírez, CLE: 6 (third), 11 (fourth), 5 (fifth), 4 (sixth), 2 (seventh), 1 (eighth) -- 186 points
Jose Altuve, HOU: 6 (fourth), 9 (fifth), 4 (sixth), 3 (seventh), 3 (eighth), 2 (ninth), 1 (10th) -- 142 points
Andrés Giménez, CLE: 2 (third), 3 (fourth), 5 (fifth), 7 (sixth), 6 (seventh), 4 (eighth), 1 (ninth), 1 (10th) --141 points
Julio Rodríguez, SEA: 1 (fourth), 3 (fifth), 6 (sixth), 7 (seventh), 6 (eighth), 2 (ninth), 3 (10th) -- 108 points
Mike Trout, LAA: 4 (fifth), 4 (sixth), 4 (seventh), 6 (eighth), 5 (ninth), 2 (10th) -- 90 points
Xander Bogaerts, BOS: 1 (fourth), 2 (sixth), 2 (seventh), 2 (eighth), 7 (ninth), 5 (10th) -- 50 points
Justin Verlander, HOU: 2 (fifth), 1 (sixth), 1 (seventh), 5 (eighth), 3 (ninth), 2 (10th) -- 44 points
Bo Bichette, TOR: 2 (seventh), 3 (ninth), 2 (10th) -- 16 points
Adley Rutschman, BAL: 1 (fifth), 1 (eighth), 1 (ninth), 3 (10th) -- 14 points
Luis Arraez, MIN: 1 (fifth), 1 (seventh), 1 (ninth) -- 12 points
Rafael Devers, BOS: 1 (seventh), 1 (eighth), 3 (10th) -- 10 points
Kyle Tucker, HOU: 1 (eighth), 1 (ninth), 3 (10th) -- 8 points
Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR: 1 (sixth), 1 (ninth) -- 7 points
José Abreu, CWS: 1 (sixth) -- 5 points
Alek Manoah, TOR: 1 (ninth), 3 (10th) -- 5 points
Alex Bregman, HOU: 1 (seventh) -- 4 points
Yandy Díaz, TB: 1 (ninth) -- 2 points
Framber Valdez, HOU: 1 (ninth) -- 2 points
Sean Murphy, OAK: 1 (10th) -- 1 point
Dylan Cease, CWS: 1 (10th) -- 1 point

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 18

Congrats to Aaron Judge on being named the AL MVP and in the process setting the new AL HR record. Honourable mention to Shohei Ohtani for a season that is the greatest single season ever produced by an individual player in the history of our game. 

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Nov 18

The surprise, of course, is not that Judge wins but that he wins handily.

I suspect the algorithm is right.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 15