Aaron Judge New York Yankees

Age: 30 (April 26, 1992) | 6' 7" | 282lbs. | Bats: Right OF-125 RF-25 DH-22 PH-3
NYY AL 2018 112 413 77 115 76 152 22 0 27 67 6 3 .278 .392 .528 15 31 .368 42/23/35 23 22
NYY AAA 2019 5 16 2 2 3 7 0 0 1 2 0 0 .125 .263 .312 16 37 .125 n/a
NYY AL 2019 102 378 75 103 64 141 18 1 27 55 3 2 .272 .381 .540 14 32 .360 40/27/32 17 17
NYY AL 2020 28 101 23 26 10 32 3 0 9 22 0 1 .257 .336 .554 9 28 .283 39/20/41 15 15
NYY AL 2021 148 550 89 158 75 158 24 0 39 98 6 1 .287 .373 .544 12 25 .332 41/23/36 33 30
NYY AL 2022 77 294 64 83 38 85 12 0 29 59 6 0 .282 .360 .619 11 25 .293 41/17/42 22 20
Career 7yrs 649 2362 466 654 399 818 105 4 187 425 30 12 .277 .383 .562 14 29 .339 n/a
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The Yankees, led by Judge, snuffed out the Blue Jay's last Ray of hope last night.

Or almost.

Ken Davidoff explains the possibilities.

Here’s what the Yankees need to do over the weekend to 1) clinch a postseason spot and 2) secure home-field advantage for the Oct. 5 wild-card game.

The Easy Way

  •  One win assures the Yankees of at least a spot in a Monday tiebreaker and eliminates the Blue Jays.
  •  At least two wins gets them the top wild card, meaning they’d host the wild-card game.

The Hard Way

  • One win and a loss by either the Red Sox or Mariners assures the Yankees of hosting the wild-card game.
  •  If the Yankees get swept by the Rays, they’d host the wild-card game only with the Mariners losing at least one, the Blue Jays losing at least once and the Red Sox losing at least two.
  •  If they get swept, they’d secure the second wild card, serving as the road team on Tuesday, with a Mariners sweep, a Blue Jays sweep or the Red Sox winning two.

  •        Limbo
    •  The Yankees would need to play in a Monday tiebreaker if 1) they win one and the Red Sox and Mariners both sweep; or 2) they get swept, the Red Sox and Mariners each win two and the Blue Jays sweep.

    • Go home
      •  The Yankees’ season would end Sunday if they get swept and the Red Sox and Mariners both sweep.
Alex Patton Alex
Oct 1 '21

Joel Sherman:

... It is feeling like 2016 again when Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman accepted reality and traded their best assets — Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller. It is a reminder that this baseball operations department has been able to transition the team previously. But if the Yanks need more encouragement then they can look to their main rivals to see how you can fall and rise quickly — especially if you carry large payrolls like these Northeastern behemoths. Remaking yourself might hurt in the moment. But not quite as much as locking yourself into a philosophy and a roster and deciding that you are going to make it work no matter how blatant it becomes that this version of card counting is not working.

Which is why the Yankees have to be thinking about a makeover and that includes being open to trading anyone, including Aaron Judge. Before any gasps, explain to me, why Judge would be any more unmovable to the Yankees than Mookie Betts was to the Red Sox?

... Judge is not the Yankees’ problem. But Gleyber Torres has lost value. Gary Sanchez has not regained enough to get much back in a trade. The Yanks missed their best window with Miguel Andujar, Clint Frazier and Luke Voit. Want to try to see if the Nationals and Mets will bid for Gio Urshela? Want to show bad faith by trading LeMahieu so soon after signing him to a six-year contract?


Alex Patton Alex
Jun 28 '21

And they look terrible doing it.

This may be one of those times where having a cheerleader as manager isn't all that useful. 

Can you imagine what George would say to Boone's "I know how hard these guys work, I know their potential" repetitions?

Mike Landau ML-
Jun 8 '21

A little less mighty after the Red Sox series.

Ken Davidson in the Post:

Remember the disappointment you felt during last year’s COVID-shortened schedule when the Yankees wound up 33-27, giving them a lousy draw in the expanded postseason? Well, now they’re 31-29, and if this season had ended today, with the more traditional 10-team field, Aaron Boone and company would be headed home for the winter.


Alex Patton Alex
Jun 8 '21

With a walk-off walk, the mighty Yankees sweep the White Sox, who were mightier than the Yankees three games ago.

Alex Patton Alex
May 24 '21

Good one from Don Drooker (rotisserieduck) this morning.

Two boys are playing hockey on the Boston Common pond when one is attacked by a vicious rottweiler. Thinking quickly, the other boy takes his hockey stick and scares the dog off, stopping the attack. A reporter who is strolling by sees the incident and rushes over to interview the boy.

"Young Bruins fan saves friend from vicious animal..." he starts writing in his notebook.

"But I'm not a Bruins fan," the little boy replies.

"Sorry. Since we're in Boston, I just assumed you were," says the reporter and starts again. "Red Sox fan rescues friend from horrific attack...” he continues writing in his notebook.

"I'm not a Red Sox fan either!" the boy says.

"So, what team do you root for?" the reporter asks.

"I'm a Yankees fan!" the child beams.

The reporter starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes: "Little brat from New York kills beloved family pet."

Alex Patton Alex
May 12 '21

He went nuts last night.

Alex Patton Alex
May 1 '21

Judge = peanut brittle. Minus the peanuts.