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Yeah, I meant on Opening Day. I don't really consider any of those players as starters. I guess Diaz was one but the others were injury replacement guys. Rios was a platooner. Maybe I should just do a little work :-)

Kent Ostby Seadogs

Was hearing a discussion the other day on MLB radio.  Can't remember the talking heads, but they were theorizing that the ball is making it harder to hit HRs ... and giving pitchers better control ... but that hitters have locked into that "3 true outcomes" mindset and keep trying to hit the ball over the fence each time they make contact - hitting into the shift a lot more often.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope

Do you mean the five worst expected position players on Opening Day? After a month of baseball, here are the five worst in fact, measured by 5x5. 

Edwin Rios:  batting .085 in 47 AB, ($2)

Luis Campusano: .088 in 34 AB, ($2)

Daniel Robertson: .105 in 38 AB, ($2)

Alex Jackson: .043 in 23 AB ($1)

Elias Diaz: .136 in 44 AB ($1)

I read somewhere that the batting average in he majors in April was .232, the lowest it's been in the first month since 1968, when teams hit .230 and, of course, Bob Gibson set the ERA record that deGrom is threatening this year.

Maybe not just deGrom.

Alex Patton Alex

On opening day, who/what were the five worst starting position players in the NL? Wondering if we can capture that and find out what they earned by EOY.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

Way back in the 90s, I finished last in our league in consecutive years.  The next year, I executed the "Sweeney Plan," (back when it was really doable), because while I knew I would be very unlikely to win with it, I sure as fuck wasn't going to finish last for three straight years.  I finished 4th, with substantial satisfaction.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Apr 25
The guys at Razzball ran reverse Leagues for a number of years and I played the game one year. It wasn't as much "fun" as I thought it would be. Actually, it was fairly depressing trying to keep an active roster of dregs and rooting for failure on a day-to-day basis. It's much easier to finish last when attempting to succeed than it is to try and fail and be the best at it. 
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Apr 24


I love this.

Only I don't need anti-roto to finish last.

Apr 24

Idea: just like Baseball Prospectus used to run a competition called "HACKING MASS" ... what might an anti-roto look like?  The goal being to buy the worst players ... the pitchers who would give up the most hits and walks and runs and fewest Ks ... the hitters with the most PAs without hits or walks or RBIs or HRs or SBs ...

It occurred to me that part of why hitter values > pitcher values is because hitter's downside is zero and upside is unbounded ... whereas for pitchers, their upside is zero and the downside is unbounded ...

In anti-roto, this is reversed ... with the caveat that both hitter and pitcher downside is limited by the likelihood that if/when they are "too bad", then they cease to get playing time ... which, in anti-roto, is a bad thing.

I guess one can play anti-roto with standard roto web services ... and last is first ... is it that simple?

Or ... mixed-anti-roto ... where you want good hitters (ie. with unbounded goodness) and bad pitchers (ie. with unbounded badness) ... crazy talk?  :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 23

Ottoneu, when I played it, did have an alternative to the toss back rule that was similar to what you are saying. Each team had $25 to add to salaries on the other 11 teams. They could add max of $3 to any one team and had to add $1 to every team (so the most unbalanced you could make your additions was $1 to 4 teams and $3 to 7 teams). Most people would allocate to the Tatis' of the world, I would usually allocate to players I thought might be close to being toss-backs to help incentivize people cutting more players.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Apr 15

I really don't like the toss back rule, but here's an alternative worth looking at:

At the end of the year, each team (starting with the last place team) can add $5 salary to a player on another team. Then, the team that just got the $5 added can add $5 to a player from a different team. You keep going until every owner has added $5 to the salary of another team's player, and every team has had $5 added to one of their players. Only one player per team. (so, if the first owner adds $5 to Tatis's salary, his owner wouldn't get any more added to any of his players.

You could even use this as an incentive for non-money teams to compete until the end. The top non-money finishers would only get $2 added to a player, the next finishers would get $3, etc. 

Keith Prosseda andypro
Apr 15