What do you Mean?

Guide to columns:

Rankings for the reserve draft after the auction:

The numbers in the Sort column:

Thus, when you sort by Team and Sort ascending, you get a detailed look at each major league team.

There are many short notes in QMemo and a few longer notes in Memo -- injuries, trade rumors, sleepers, etc. But the real purpose of these fields is to give you a place to enter your own notes (easily done on the player’s data page).


This column is empty. Because this is where you create your own bids, either starting from scratch or copying our bids or the expert league bids into the Bid column as your starting point (you do this in Data/Transfer Values, again very easily). Enter the freezes. Check the totals: if the freezes are any good, the totals will now be under your league’s budget. Add money to available players until the totals match the budget. Sort by Position and Bid descending. Print your lists. Go into your auction with total confidence.

You play in a mixed league that uses a snake draft?

No problem. Sort Mixed League by Position and Bid, and when your turn comes, pick the best available player at the position that is getting a run.