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March 30th full download isn't a full program download ...just 4 files

Tom Zeke

The thing about Popeye, or the chalkboard, is that we learn quickly. The first year, a weird format, the bidding was crazy. I won, because I priced the value properly and adjusted for the auction. The second year, everyone knew how to price and adjust, and we entered Stage Three abruptly. The third year, we decided not to play.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

I have a few hours to decide before I submit my (final) bids to the kind editors at BP, but was thinking the same for Treinen. Nine bucks. Haven't sorted through the secondary guys yet.

Mike Gianella MikeG

Dusty would make the announcement on Thursday. For the next update, I'll make Treinen $9, Glover can stay at $5, and Kelley gets dropped to $5. At least, that's what I'm thinking now.

mike fenger mike

All the files are posted, at which point I realized that I did not adjust Blake Treinen. FIRST CORRECTION: He had 8 saves in the projection going into this week, but just a $2 bid from me. Raise mine to $7 and make it 20 saves, I guess. Make Glover $6 with 14 saves. And Kelley $2 with 7 saves.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

More fun to make the closed bids hard ones. We came up with this almost 20 years ago while one of us (not me) was eating in a Popeye's in Times Square, so we call them Popeye rules. You sit around the table, a player is nominated, you write a number on a post it, and then everyone shows. High bid wins. Repeat. It's fast, funny, and you go through a lot of Post Its.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Aaron Hill San Francisco Giants

Yes. Looks like Rollins will have the option to go to AAA or be released while Hill makes the team.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Drew Hutchison Pittsburgh Pirates

Sent to the minors.  The bid for the final spot is now down to Glasnow and Williams.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

We've talked about a "closed bid" Vickory style auction for my in-person league.

I think it would be a blast.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

I know of a league, back in the day, where a player was nominated, and you had to write your "best and final" bid on a small chalkboard.  All bids turned over; the winner wins; ties were resolved by a normal bidding process starting at the "tied" number, but I think the player lower in the prior year's standings got to make the first raise.  I could have some of that wrong, but I remember the chalkboard part.  It apparently went FAST.

Mike Dean TMU2009

I like the idea and would be willing to try it although I am somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to computers.  Someone computer savvy could come up with the program and it would be great for practice drafts.

Tom Barnes Turtles

I wonder if it would be possible to have a secret bid type auction.

What I'm thinking is that everyone would have a laptop, and there would be some sort of program where each team locked in his bid, and when all the bids were locked in, the program would spit out the bids and the winner for everyone to see on their screen.

It wouldn't be as fun, I don't think, but it might be interesting.

Has anyone ever done something like that?

Keith Prosseda andypro

Mostly little things.  Short breaks only.  Auctioneer who keeps it moving.  Be ready to nominate next player within 10 seconds of sold call.  Fewer number of bids.  A lot of jump bids.  If  someone brings out Miguel Cabrera for $10 someone else will immediately go to $35 or $40 knowing his final price will be from $40 to $45.  This happens on most double digit players.  Eliminating the 1, 2, 3, 4 type of bidding really quickens the pace and saves time.    

Our draft starts at 6:00 and most of us want to get home at a reasonable hour so everyone wants to move it along.  Once in a while someone will ask for an extension of time to complete their paper work, but this is rare.  Speed  has become a custom.  I did not like it at first as I was used to all day 8 hour leisurely drafts but I am OK with it now.  I am in three leagues with many of the same owners & all the leagues use the same method. 

Tom Barnes Turtles
Erick Aybar San Diego Padres

If he does well, he will be traded ... so consider that if your league rules screw you when a player is traded to the other league ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Curious:  how do you speed draft?  

Mike Dean TMU2009

Alas, I am drafting tonight in my 5 X 5 OBP American League.  23 man roster, 9 pitchers, 4 reserves and 3 farm (minor league) rounds.  We can keep up to 10 minor leaguers and our freeze list is up to 10.  This is a high inflation—up to 30%+ on the top players, 20% on the middle class ($15 to $30) and 10% on the others—league.   This is a "Stage Three hell" league where there is rarely a good buy.  Top hitters available are Trout, M. Cabrera, Cano, N. Cruz, Bautista, Abreu, Encarnacion, C. Davis, Segura, LuCroy, & Upton.  Quality starting pitching is scarce with only Sale, Quintana, Hamels, & Price available.  With my $172 I am targeting Sale, Cruz, & Segura if I don't go after Trout.  Our big question is will Trout go for $60.  I will force the bid but will probably not end up owning him.  My freeze's are: Bregman 7, Odor 9, B. Miller 11, Sano 7, Cain 15, L. Martin 10, A. Sanchez 10, D. Duffy 7, Porcello 5, & Gausman 7. 

I am tempted to buy both Sale & Trout for about $100 + or —$5 and fill in my needs with the other $67 to $72.  Any observations or comments on this strategy will be appreciated.  I will post prices tomorrow on the top players and if there are any good buys.  We use a "speed draft" method and are done in under 4 hours.  Not much time to think but you do not get as exhausted.

Tom Barnes Turtles
Jesus Aguilar Milwaukee Brewers

Congrats, Jesus -- you made the team!

Alex Patton Alex
Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals

Comeback player of the year?

He's playing every day, he's hitting for some power, he's taking a lot of walks, and he's even stole a couple bags.  And if he can stay in the lineup, he should have a TON of RBI opportunities with the guys he'll have in front of him.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Kolten Wong St. Louis Cardinals

Carpenter, Wong, and Gyorko are all having horrible STs.

For Carpenter, it doesn't matter.  For Gyorko, it makes me hedge on that second half explosion.

For Wong, I'm wondering if he's going to need some extensive re-working of his approach if he doesn't want to turn into Casey McGehee

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Dusty Baker Washington Nationals

Never change, Dusty.

Mike Gianella MikeG

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