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Eduardo Escobar Minnesota Twins

Pump up those bids.  He's the starter at SS.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jorge Polanco Minnesota Twins

80 game suspension for PEDs.  Old school steroid from this trainer in the DR.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
David Freese Pittsburgh Pirates

I do not think Moran is ready, so I spent $1 on Freese today.

Freese is a decent $1 play in NL-Only leagues.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Kyle Barraclough Miami Marlins

I am all in on Barraclough, as I not only grabbed him in CBS, but also in my home NL-Only auction today at $3. Watch him this spring.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Brad Ziegler Miami Marlins

Picked up Ziegler for $7 today in my home NL-Only, and backed him up with the guy I really like, Barraclough at $3,

I hate chasing potential saves, but you cannot dump that category in 5x5 and I think a $10 venture is not terrible, even for a bad team in Miami. 

What do you guys think?

Keith Cromer Slyke
Billy Hamilton Cincinnati Reds

I got Hamilton for $31 in my home NL today with about 22% inflation.

I think one of my weaknesses in this industry is overpaying for a guy who could potentially win a category by himself.

You cannot bet on that at $31? Or can you?

Keith Cromer Slyke
Jesus Aguilar Milwaukee Brewers

A $2 end game play for me in my home NL-Only. I will gladly take his 2017 earnings.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers

I dropped $24 on Braun today in my home NL-Only just because I think he will possibly play at 1B for a few games.I also bought Aguilar at $2.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Seth Lugo New York Mets

Grabbed him for $1 in my home NL-Only today. Very happy.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Ivan Nova Pittsburgh Pirates

Bought him for $6 today in my home NL-Only, which was a given, since I have been a believer. 

Nova was masking an injury in the 2nd half last year and was an All-Star before that.

Buy low.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Shane Greene Detroit Tigers

On Chris Bosio, new pitching coach, during yesterday's game:  "He's had me thinking less.  My thinking on the mound is not a good thing."


Mike Landau ML-
Howie Kendrick Washington Nationals

My league always loved him when he was with the Angels.  Consistently went for $24 (inflation baked in).  It was just a question of who was going to bid the fateful $24 price.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

I got him for $2 today in my home NL-Only auction.

I do not understand the lack of fantasy love for Kendrick.

Look at the history.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Kenley Jansen Los Angeles Dodgers

Simmer down, Andy, I'll be the one shouting Bernie 2020! around here.

Seems to me that in 2021 the players should go for a shorter control period for the owners.  If more players hit the open market at age 28 or 29 rather than 30 or 31, they'd get the longer commitments they seem to crave, because, again, it seems to me the owners are offering the appropriate money, just for shorter years.  That's because they have a better understanding (more examples?) of the bad back ends of long deals, which tend to happen beyond the 35 mark.

The owners, of course, will cry "baseball cannot survive in its current state!" to that proposal.  But they said that to Curt Flood and Marvin Miller.

Mike Landau ML-
Francisco Pena Baltimore Orioles

Likely the Cardinals backup catcher (needs a team update) with Carson Kelly being optioned today. (Kelly would need an R- designation rather than dollars if he has dollars now).

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Kenley Jansen Los Angeles Dodgers

There are even more public policy decisions that benefit the owners than the obvious ones regarding publicly funded ballparks.  There are also the public services that are generally paid for by the taxpayer - extra police shifts, EMS, etc, related to ballpark operations.  

And, then there is the tax status of luxury boxes and ticket sales to businesses.  They are business expenses to be used to write down revenues for purposes of taxable business income.  Essentially, that corporation is paying 15-40% less for its tickets than you are.  That subsidy for seats creates artificial tax payer subsidized demand that actually drives those ticket prices higher than they would otherwise be - pricing out the vast majority of taxpayers themselves.

These fans who complain about the price of tickets and link it to salary should complain about the corporate boxes and seats that drive the price of tickets up.  But, that would require too much economics education about the price of tickets being affected by demand for tickets and the salaries of players being driven by the demand for players.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Adam Frazier Pittsburgh Pirates

He went for $6 today in my home NL - and not to me...I was outbid!

Freeze Frazier at $2.

This is a rebuild in Pittsburgh. Frazier will play and he is a true baseball player. Love Frazier....grab him cheap.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Kenley Jansen Los Angeles Dodgers

"And this ignores the other point I made about the HUGE benefit that
owners get from publicly funded stadiums and an antitrust exemption that
does indeed stack the chips significantly in the owners' favor."

I was talking specifically about the owners vs. players. I don't see how the owners getting breaks effects the players, any more than the players having the ability to make tons of money on endorsements effects the owners.
Aren't these publicly funded stadiums voted on by the people in most cases? (I honestly don't know) If so, that's just another thing on my 'things I wish I didn't have to pay taxes to support' list.

"If your skill set pointed to an industry where you HAD to work for one employer..."
Well yea, I suppose I'd be mad if I were a janitor, but not if I were a baseball player. And if I were a janitor and I really was mad, I'd probably get a different job in a different industry.
Given the relative health and intelligence of your average baseball player, my guess is that most of them could find solid employment elsewhere. But they choose baseball because they like it, it's fun, AND they could make gobs of money.
Professional athletes lose me when they compare their plight to slavery, or working under a dictatorship, or in the coal mines.

"You're not wrong about the investment the owners are making up front.
Doesn't mean that Kris Bryant or Bryce Harper shouldn't have the right
to go make as much money as they want as soon as possible"

You're not wrong. Let freedom ring. I think in this instance you have to invoke socialism a little bit (Bernie 2020!) or the game will suffer. Theoretically speaking, Bryce Harper should be able to accept a job in New York right now and move his family and go work there for the Yankees. Just like an accountant could.
But if that happened, I'm thinking baseball couldn't survive in it's current state. There would likely end up being fewer teams, and the big guys would make even more and the little guys would be out of a job.
Every sports league relies on some competitive balance measures to make the league as good as it can be. I mean, why should we just award the #1 overall pick to the Cleveland Browns as a reward for them sucking? It's not right, but it needs to be that way or the game would be less than it is.

And finally, back to my post. I'm not sure who wins out between the owners and the players based on the control deal that they have. But what I've seen in every article I've read about this is that people choose their side based on feelings.
I could definitely be swayed that the players are getting a raw deal and the owners are screwing them over, but it would have to be math-based.

Sure the owners make out like bandits if they pay a 2.7 million dollar bonus to Bryce Harper and he becomes Bryce Harper and they control him for a long time. That's worth something to that owner, to be sure.
But the other side of the equation is how much have they invested in players, coaches, facilities, and other things they have to pay for to get one Bryce Harper? Again, I honestly don't know but there should be some way to math that out.

Keith Prosseda andypro

The owners are certainly taking "risk" on some million (or multi-million) dollar investments. But this only speaks to a handful of the hundreds of players in the minors. Not every player in the majors today was the beneficiary of a significant bonus. In fact, very few players get this kind of bonus up front.

And this ignores the other point I made about the HUGE benefit that owners get from publicly funded stadiums and an antitrust exemption that does indeed stack the chips significantly in the owners' favor.

If your skill set pointed to an industry where you HAD to work for one employer or set of employers at a fixed salary for a decade in large part because of an anti-trust exemption dictated by the federal government you'd be fucking mad as hell about it and screaming and pissing and moaning about Big Government. And you'd be right.

You're not wrong about the investment the owners are making up front. Doesn't mean that Kris Bryant or Bryce Harper shouldn't have the right to go make as much money as they want as soon as possible.

Mike Gianella MikeG
Luke Weaver St. Louis Cardinals

He looked good to my eye on Saturday.  Bids look low.

John Hobbs Real-Joker

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