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139 players kept so our auction started at 140.

140Power Hungry ReduxTommy Pham (SD)29
141Sugar KingsDominic Smith (NYM)26
142Brubaker's YeastsJacob DeGrom (NYM)46
143Sugar KingsJean Segura (Phi)18
144Gashouse GangNolan Arenado (StL)34
145Sugar KingsStarling Marte (Mia)37
146Fisher CatamountsChristian Yelich (Mil)45
147Choes BalinJosh Hader (Mil)25
148Sugar KingsMax Scherzer (Was)34
149Brubaker's YeastsBrendan Rodgers (Col)10
150Lynch MobBlake Snell (SD)35
151Humpback LinersCarlos Carrasco (NYM)13
152Lynch MobPaul DeJong (StL)20
153Dirk BagsFrancisco Lindor (NYM)44
154Amnesia RebootCharlie Morton (Atl)22
155Humpback LinersCody Bellinger (LAD)41
156Amnesia RebootBrad Hand (Was)15
157Dirk BagsCorbin Burnes (Mil)32
158Humpback LinersWill Smith (Atl)15
159Sugar KingsKenley Jansen (LAD)17
160Power Hungry ReduxStephen Strasburg (Was)29
161Lynch MobJulio Urias (LAD)28
162Humpback LinersKris Bryant (ChC)26
163Amnesia RebootKyle Hendricks (ChC)20
164Dirk BagsJustin Turner (LAD)22
165Rhys's PiecesKetel Marte (Ari)33
166Lynch MobPaul Goldschmidt (StL)30
167Amnesia RebootJ.T. Realmuto (Phi)24
168Humpback LinersCraig Kimbrel (ChC)10
169Humpback LinersCharlie Blackmon (Col)27
170Humpback LinersJames McCann (NYM)15
171Fisher CatamountsAnthony Rizzo (ChC)28
172Lynch MobJoe Musgrove (SD)20
173Choes BalinJoc Pederson (ChC)19
174Power Hungry ReduxAustin Barnes (LAD)3
175Rhys's PiecesPatrick Corbin (Was)17
176Humpback LinersC.J. Cron (Col)18
177Choes BalinDansby Swanson (Atl)26
178Rhys's PiecesJason Heyward (ChC)8
179Lynch MobJesse Winker (Cin)21
180Dirk BagsMark Melancon (SD)6
181Choes BalinEric Hosmer (SD)23
182Lynch MobJake McGee (SF)9
183Power Hungry ReduxLorenzo Cain (Mil)13
184Lynch MobZach Eflin (Phi)16
185Rhys's PiecesAlex Reyes (StL)12
186Dirk BagsEduardo Escobar (Ari)21
187Amnesia RebootTaijuan Walker (NYM)11
188Amnesia RebootDavid Peralta (Ari)17
189Fisher CatamountsPablo Lopez (Mia)19
190Humpback LinersJackie Bradley (Mil)10
191Plato's CaveJosh Lindblom (Mil)4
192Power Hungry ReduxJoey Votto (Cin)9
193Lynch MobCorey Dickerson (Mia)7
194Humpback LinersHa-seong Kim (SD)12
195Fisher CatamountsHector Neris (Phi)7
196Dirk BagsJonathan Villar (NYM)5
197Dirk BagsMike Clevinger (SD)6
198Choes BalinZach McKinstry (LAD)8
199Rhys's PiecesCarlos Martinez (StL)5
200Amnesia RebootAdbert Alzolay (ChC)6
201Brubaker's YeastsJordan Hicks (StL)9
202Amnesia RebootAdam Frazier (Pit)9
203Lynch MobAdam Haseley (Phi)6
204Dirk BagsBrusdar Graterol (LAD)3
205Gashouse GangAnthony Bass (Mia)3
206Power Hungry ReduxKwang Hyun Kim (StL)9
207Humpback LinersBuster Posey (SF)6
208Choes BalinConnor Brogdon (Phi)4
209Dirk BagsAustin Slater (SF)6
210Amnesia RebootTravis Shaw (Mil)6
211Plato's CaveMadison Bumgarner (Ari)7
212Dirk BagsAvisail Garcia (Mil)14
213Choes BalinTyler Naquin (Cin)7
214Lynch MobAustin Nola (SD)6
215Brubaker's YeastsHarrison Bader (StL)2
216Humpback LinersCaleb Smith (Ari)7
217Sugar KingsVictor Gonzalez (LAD)3
218Power Hungry ReduxJose Alvarado (Phi)5
219Fisher CatamountsTommy La Stella (SF)8
220Plato's CaveAnthony DeSclafani (SF)6
221Amnesia RebootShogo Akiyama (Cin)7
222Power Hungry ReduxEdwin Rios (LAD)7
223Lynch MobAdrian Morejon (SD)8
224Fisher CatamountsTim Locastro (Ari)7
225Plato's CaveAsdrubal Cabrera (Ari)4
226Plato's CaveVictor Caratini (SD)2
227Gashouse GangAnthony Alford (Pit)9
228Choes BalinChad Kuhl (Pit)1
229Brubaker's YeastsDavid Price (LAD)3
230Sugar KingsMitch Keller (Pit)3
231Dirk BagsJosh Harrison (Was)3
232Brubaker's YeastsElias Diaz (Col)2
233Dirk BagsLuis Campusano (SD)4
234Amnesia RebootAndrew Stevenson (Was)4
235Plato's CaveAdrian Houser (Mil)5
236Lynch MobGarrett Cooper (Mia)4
237Fisher CatamountsCurt Casali (SF)1
238Gashouse GangTucker Barnhart (Cin)1
239Choes BalinDom Nunez (Col)1
240Sugar KingsMagneuris Sierra (Mia)1
241Sugar KingsLuke Weaver (Ari)2
242Brubaker's YeastsCorey Knebel (LAD)2
243Sugar KingsBlake Treinen (LAD)4
244Rhys's PiecesAlex Jackson (Atl)1
245Power Hungry ReduxKevin Pillar (NYM)3
246Choes BalinLogan Webb (SF)10
247Lynch MobLucas Sims (Cin)1
248Brubaker's YeastsAristides Aquino (Cin)4
249Plato's CavePavin Smith (Ari)6
250Choes BalinStephen Vogt (Ari)1
251Sugar KingsDarin Ruf (SF)3
252Humpback LinersJoey Lucchesi (NYM)1
253Dirk BagsTrevor Williams (ChC)1
254Plato's CaveDavid Bednar (Pit)2
255Rhys's PiecesLewis Brinson (Mia)1
256Power Hungry ReduxMerrill Kelly (Ari)2
257Plato's CaveTaylor Widener (Ari)5
258Plato's CavePhillip Evans (Pit)3
259Plato's CaveChris Owings (Col)2
260Gashouse GangYonathan Daza (Col)1
261Plato's CaveTucupita Marcano (SD)2
262Dirk BagsJose De Leon (Cin)1
263Brubaker's YeastsAlex Wood (SF)1
264Rhys's PiecesDustin Fowler (Pit)1
265Plato's CaveAustin Dean (StL)3
266Gashouse GangJorge Mateo (SD)3
267Fisher CatamountsNick Ahmed (Ari)1
268Gashouse GangJustin Williams (StL)1
269Choes BalinRyan Zimmerman (Was)1
270Gashouse GangRyan Weathers (SD)2
271Lynch MobBrad Miller (Phi)1
272Fisher CatamountsOrlando Arcia (Atl)1
273Gashouse GangJon Gray (Col)1
274Brubaker's YeastsJake Arrieta (ChC)1
275Lynch MobJorge Ona (SD)2
276Fisher CatamountsSeth Lugo (NYM)1

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Randy Dobnak Minnesota Twins

Ah, looked this up, too: After you lost out on Dobnak and Ray you bought five players, each for $1, so it looks like you were stuck.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Corbin Burnes Milwaukee Brewers

Earned $32 in 2020 ... and that's what he got paid last night in PCL ... joining the elite $28+ starters ...

DeGrom 46

Scherzer 34

Snell 35

Strasburg 29

Urias 28

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds

Went for $9 in what I thought was a high-inflation PCL auction last night ... he won't hit .226 again, will he?  Ack!  he's on pace for .167!  And he's yet to draw a walk?  I guess I'm glad I was out of money at the time ... 

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Here's two PCL examples of what makes the world go round in roto.

I dropped a bid (wasn't paying attention) and Jackie Bradley went for 10 (I had him at 22 on my list). My friend this morning said, no big deal, I had Bradley at 9.

What hurt, he said, was Votto who he had at 22, going for 9. No problem, I said, I had Votto at 7 on my list.

Roto in a nutshell.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Edwin Rios Los Angeles Dodgers

Cost $7 in PCL last night. Biggest bargain of the night was $1 Ahmed.  Naquin cost 7x as much (as did Rios). 

joel schreier jschri
Randy Dobnak Minnesota Twins

I'm not sure I nominated him but I'm almost certain I still could have said three. For some reason I kept letting pitchers go. Most notably Robbie Ray.

Alex Patton Alex
Cristian Pache Atlanta Braves

He was bunting for a hit but if the pitcher fielded it he would have gotten a sac.

Alex Patton Alex

I can (Tanks).

Alex Patton Alex

I can't resist ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Matt Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals

Lasts until the 8th round of the reserve draft tonight in PCL. 

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Randy Dobnak Minnesota Twins

Hackers paid $2. I think Alex went $1. 

EDIT: I looked it up, thanks to saving the Zoom Chat we have a record:

18:01:46 From  Moose Factory  to  Everyone : dobnak 1

18:01:56 From  hackers  to  Everyone : 2

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Willians Astudillo Minnesota Twins

I can see a movie on the Criterion Channel based on this premise. Is it hitting when you swing and miss? 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Cristian Pache Atlanta Braves

If the bunt is a hit everyone rejoices. Apart from the other team. Bunting for an out? Even the other team rejoices.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Tyler Naquin Cincinnati Reds

In Tout NL I bid 62 on Justin Williams because I needed a hitter, and lost to a 63 bid from Derek Carty. Until tonight I pretty much forgot that my consolation prize was the 13 FAAB Tyler Naquin, I'm noticing now.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

BOOM goes the dynamite :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Juan Soto Washington Nationals

What a nice win for the Nats after what had to be an excruciating wait.

Alex Patton Alex
Cristian Pache Atlanta Braves

Perfect bunt for a hit with a runner on first, one out and the score tied in the seventh inning.

Front-office nerds cringe. Fans rejoice.

Alex Patton Alex
Jonathan Lucroy Washington Nationals

But not available in PCL . . .

joel schreier jschri

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