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Mark Melancon San Francisco Giants

Another clean inning last night. Unscored on in nine appearances. According to Statcast, he's doing it with his cutter. He's thrown 56 with an average speed of 91.7. The average exit velocity is 89.0.

His spring training stats are ugly.

Alex Patton Alex
Homer Bailey Kansas City Royals

Another great effort, this one against the Bronx Bombers in the Bronx.

If you FAABed him, raise your hand. Unlike the Monkey, we don't need a screenshot, we just admire your courage.

Alex Patton Alex
Mychal Givens Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles – Mychal Givens had a chance to finally pick up his first save on Thursday, but he blew it by allowing a game-tying homer. The Orioles still won the game, but Givens will have to give it a go another time. Chances will be few and far between for the O’s this season.

Hierarchy remains: *Givens | Fry | Yacabonis.
* = closer-by-committee

Alex Patton Alex
Yoshiba Hirano Arizona Diamondbacks

Good call, Mr. Monkey.

I took down the Closer 2019 thread, by the way. The chaos is so great it needs to be spread around.

Alex Patton Alex
Joe Biagini Toronto Blue Jays

The Monkey, being saves-obsessed, neglects to mention Biagini was awarded the win on a scorer's decision when the starter failed to go five.

Alex Patton Alex

Toronto Blue Jays – Ryan Tepera was activated from the injured list Thursday and was immediately thrust into game action, throwing a scoreless sixth inning on just nine pitches. Tepera will probably factor into the team’s late-inning plans right away, but he might still be behind Tim Mayza, who pitched the seventh, and Joe Biagini, who pitched the eighth ahead of closer Ken Giles. 

Hierarchy remains: Giles | Biagini | Mayza.

Alex Patton Alex
Daniel Winkler Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves — Chad Sobotka has allowed runs in three straight appearances, including two more earned runs Thursday to inflate his ERA to 12.38. He’s probably not in line for save chances these days. Luke Jackson, who recorded a hold earlier this month, has good swing-and-miss stuff (13.5 K/9) and could be used in higher-leverage spots. Keep an eye, too, on Dan Winkler, who was called up from Triple-A earlier this week and tossed a scoreless sixth inning Thursday. Both pitchers should be ahead of Sobotka at this point.

Updated hierarchy: Minter | Biddle | Jackson.

Alex Patton Alex
Connor Sadzeck Seattle Mariners

I bid $2 for Sadzeck on Monday but lost on a tie-breaker. And I put a straight claim in on Brennan. Lost both on tiebreakers.

Which would be fine if was in first or near it. Next Monday I'll be a wee bit more aggressive.

Seattle Mariners — Staked with a one-run lead in the eighth inning and the 9-1-2 hitters (including Mike Trout) due up, committee leader Anthony Swarzak got the call, but he promptly allowed a game-tying blast to 9-hole man David Fletcher. Of course, the Mariners took the lead again the top half of the ninth, giving Roenis Elias a chance to earn his third save, which he did. The M’s hit a bit of a skid recently but they are never truly out of a game given how well their bats have hit, so save chances will be plentiful for this bunch. Connor Sadzeck may get another opportunity soon (see below), but keep an eye on Brandon Brennan, who has been dubbed the “secret weapon” thanks to a filthy changeup.

Hierarchy remains: *Swarzak | Elias | Sadzeck.
* = closer-by-committee

Alex Patton Alex
Jason Martin Pittsburgh Pirates

Would you take Melky, Martin, Moran, Descalso, Austin Dean or N Walker for the next month?

joel schreier jschri
Reyes Moronta San Francisco Giants
Victor Arano Philadelphia Phillies

And he got hit tonight ... 2 hits + walk for 2 ERs in 0.2 IP ... pretty classic ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds

And so ... of course he hits a leadoff HR off Chris Paddack tonight ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Walker Buehler Los Angeles Dodgers

Just traded a $6 Hampson for a $5 Buehler.  Hesitated because I was wondering what he knew that I didn’t. Still wondering . . .

joel schreier jschri
Jeremy Hellickson Washington Nationals

He lasted until the 3rd round of the reserve draft in PCL ... so ... it's not simply a question of $1 or $2 extra on the bid ... in most leagues, $2 would have got him ... did anyone here bid on him?

I had my eye on Hellickson ... had a couple of shares in him last year that I felt gave me a good ROI ... I was feeling very light on Saves and took Jacob Barnes over Hellickson with my 3rd round pick ... sure, I'd rather Hellickson today ... Barnes might still get me a few critical saves (or am I dreaming about that? :-)) ...

Another vet that lasted until the reserve draft was Zach Davies ... whom I took with my first round pick ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Chance Sisco Baltimore Orioles

Alex asked about Spring Training stats under Tim Anderson.  I point you to exhibit A why we don't need to see them.  Sisco was sent down after dominating his second straight spring.  In 43 AAA AB, he's hitting 163/234/186.  Maybe it's the disappointment of being sent down, or maybe the ST doesn't matter at all.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jeremy Hellickson Washington Nationals

An example of a veteran pitcher who pitched very, very well in spring training. Should it have pushed our bids up a critical buck or two?

Perhaps the better question: Would you bid more than $2 for him now?

Alex Patton Alex
Tim Anderson Chicago White Sox

As it happens, he has now had the same number of AB that count as AB during spring training.

For future reference, his slash stats in the 59 AB that count: .424/.443/.678.

His slash stats in spring training: .322/.344/.475.

The spring training stats will be taken down at the end of the month. Until then, they give us something to ponder. Are they worth looking at closely as we fine-tune our bids? Do they tell us anything at all? 

Alex Patton Alex
Erik Swanson Seattle Mariners

Erik Swanson up from the depths. We should get his stats tomorrow.

Alex Patton Alex
Pat Corbin Washington Nationals

Watching him carve up the Giants today (ok ... no big deal there...) I dropped in to see how his 2019 #'s looked up to this game.  3 starts, 2.84 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 24 K's ... only good for $2 in earnings?

Wow, wins do play a huge part in pitcher value.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Howie Kendrick Washington Nationals

Thanks to his injury, picked Kendrick up in our ultra rounds.

What, you say he's not going to post a 50% fly ball rate ... and a 33% HR/FB rate ... and a .467 BABIP all year?

That's ok.  He's already justified the investment, such as it was.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope

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