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Evan White Seattle Mariners

First time ever for a AA player.

van wilhoite LVW
Nov 24
Jarred Kelenic Seattle Mariners

The one drawback to being promoted like that is you're not in one league long enough to gain experience readjusting to pitchers after they have adjusted to you. 

van wilhoite LVW
Nov 24

First part (Julio Rodriguez thread).

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 24
Julio Rodriguez Seattle Mariners

Yesterday at BP...

2. Julio Rodriguez, OF
Height/Weight: 6’4” / 225 lbs
Signed July 2017 by Seattle out of the Dominican Republic for $1.75 million.
Previous Ranking(s): #8 (Org)
2019 Stats: 
.297/.365/.492, 10 HR, 1 SB in 68 games for Low-A West Virginia; .462/.514/.738, 2 HR, 0 SB in 17 games for High-A Modesto 

The Report: Signed by the Mariners in July of 2017, Rodriguez has one of the higher-end offensive packages in all of the minors. Just 18 years old during his first full season in the states, he showed an extremely advanced approach at the plate. He controls the zone well and routinely finds his pitch to hit. His swing is compact, quick and showcases an ability to hit line-to-line. Rodriguez hit 12 homers in 84 games this year, but he has yet to fully tap into his power stroke. Once he matures, 25-plus home runs will not be out of the question.

Rodriguez is sneaky fast on the basepaths. He isn’t a burner but displays the wheels to be a slightly above-average stolen base threat. In early looks defensively he looked like an average fielder at best. But on second inspection he has the potential to play a slightly above-average center field. Additionally, his plus arm can play anywhere on the grass.

OFP: 70 / All-Star outfielder 

Variance: Medium. Rodriguez is still very young and has not played a full slate of games yet, with that comes a little uncertainty. Also uncertain is his ability to tap into his power tool as he grows. That will be the key to him reaching his full potential. —Forest Stulting 

Major league ETA: 2021

Mark Barry’s Fantasy Take: The second part of a one-two punch rarely seen outside of time-traveling bro duos from the 80s and 90s, Rodriguez offers one of the highest ceilings in the minor leagues, laying waste to two levels in 2019 before turning 19 years old. I kinda love this guy. If you want to go crazy and dream on .300/35/10, you’re not going to get much pushback from me.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 24
Aaron Altherr San Francisco Giants

Where he'll join Mike Wright, who is also now a Dino! Just a slew of players heading both East and West this off-season. I have at least six, and maybe as high as nine players attempting to secure deals in MLB for the 2020 season.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Nov 24
Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox

And now, instead of one year and $17.8 million, three years and $50 million. Both sides have to be happy with that. The suspense now is, does he play in the post-season while the contract lasts?

The answer to that hinges on what kind of pitching they buy to go along with Giolito.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 23
Justin Verlander Houston Astros

How hard is it to win 300 games?

He might not make it.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Aaron Altherr San Francisco Giants

He's a Dino!  ... I didn't even know there is such a thing :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Nov 22
Jacoby Ellsbury New York Yankees
Michael Fiers Oakland Athletics

From Evan Drellich today at The  Athletic:

“I think that one of the problems with investigative work is it’s
counterproductive to let everyone including you know exactly what we do
each and every time we have a lead,” Manfred said when asked whether he
wished he had opened an investigation prior to Mike Fiers’ comments.
“I’m not going to stand up here and try to defend or explain each and
every thing done. Every time we have gotten a lead, we have chased that
lead down to the extent we felt was investigatively possible.

“Obviously an individual, breaking what is a pretty firm commitment
to silence about what goes on in dugouts and clubhouses, is a big break
in an investigation. It provides an opportunity to push forward that we
hadn’t had previously.”

It’s to be seen whether the league can or will move with ferocity without such a public admission.

Manfred confirmed Thursday that he was trying to draw a line in the
sand for the clubs two years ago, when the Red Sox were disciplined for
communicating during the game with the video room — a sign-stealing

“All 30 Clubs have been notified that future violations of this type
will be subject to more serious sanctions, including the possible loss
of draft picks,” Manfred’s statement read at the time.

Reminded by a reporter of that statement Thursday, Manfred said:
“Maybe the best way to answer that is, I take myself seriously.”

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Jarred Kelenic Seattle Mariners

"Mets fans, don't read this," says BP, introducing its No. 1 prospect on the Mariners.

The Report: Kelenic's stock started shooting up early in the season when he showed off an improved swing path while dominating the Low-A South Atlantic League. He was promoted to High-A shortly after Memorial Day and performed quite well. He was promoted again to Double-A less than a month after his 20th birthday for the August stretch run and Texas League playoffs, and he kept hitting against upper-minors pitching too. So much for the draft-time concerns about being on the older side for a prep bat.

Kelenic has a chance to be a five-tool player. Not one of those dudes who has a bunch of 5s and a 55 run who occasionally gets called a five-tool player, but an actual five-tool star that collects black ink and awards. He projects for plus hit and plus power from a sweet, classic lefty swing. He’s a present plus runner with a plus arm. The weakest projection at the moment is defensive. The routes and closing ability aren’t quite there for a sure-shot bet in center yet, and we could easily see a team preferring him in a corner, especially if he slows down as he moves through his 20s. But it’s not out of the question that he ends up as a net positive in center down the road.

OFP: 70 / All-Star center fielder

Not known for not rubbing it in, BP concludes, "I'm really sorry, Mets fans, but at least you'll always have Edwin Diaz memories to fall back on."

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Wilson Ramos New York Mets

Ramos had 6 Batting Runs this year, after hitting one fewer homers and driving in three more runs. He must be scratching his head.

Play Index Spotlight: Yasmani Grandal

Primary catchers with 15 Batting Run seasons at age 30+ since 2010

Yasmani Grandal201916.730MIL.246.848
Wilson Ramos201815.430TBR/PHI.306.845
Buster Posey201719.030SFG.320.861
Jonathan Lucroy201615.130MIL/TEX.292.855
Russell Martin201422.031PIT.290.832
Yadier Molina201319.630STL.319.836
Joe Mauer201324.830MIN.324.880
Carlos Ruiz201222.533PHI.325.935
Victor Martinez201015.231BOS.302.844

Batting Runs (Rbat) - Number of runs better or worse than average the player was as a hitter

See the full list at's Batting Season Finder

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Drew Gagnon New York Mets

So much for having a great season in Triple-A.

Infielder Andrés Giménez, RHP Jordan Humphreys, catcher Ali Sánchez and LHP Thomas Szapucki have been added to the 40-man roster. RHP Drew Gagnon has been designated for assignment. Our 40-man roster is now at 40.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Max Muncy Los Angeles Dodgers

I'm just noticing that Max tied with Yasmani Grandall, Stephen Strasburg and Eugenio Suarez for 15th in the MVP voting.

A lot of outstanding seasons this year in the NL.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Yasmani Grandal Chicago White Sox

I think this is a very good deal for both sides.  He's been worth more than this the past few years.  He's getting older, but revenue is going up and he should still be a valuable player as the White Sox enter their competitive window in 2021.  They still need at least one mid-range/top-line starter, but they might have that in the minors.  They also need one more bat at DH/1B depending on how they evaluate Abreu.  Vaughn is still some time away, although he's a serious hitter.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Nov 22
Jon Lester Chicago Cubs

I'll have to check out the prices in the experts' leagues to see if he was "somewhat affordable."

At the end of next season, when he can become a free agent, it's fair to predict that's not going to happen. As we see in the Chris Archer thread, he can tell the Cubs he'll play for them again for $25 million.

Or can the Cubs say no thanks and pay him $10 million? That part's unclear to me.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 22
Chris Archer Pittsburgh Pirates

Note the ages of pitchers who will be free agents a year from now.

Chase Anderson (33) – $9.5MM club option with a $500K buyout
Chris Archer (32) – $11MM club option with a $250K buyout
Jake Arrieta (35)
Trevor Bauer (30)
Tyler Chatwood (31)
Anthony DeSclafani (31)
Michael Fiers (36)
Kevin Gausman (30)
J.A. Happ (38) – $17MM vesting option
Merrill Kelly (32) – $4.25MM club option with a $500K buyout
Corey Kluber (35) – $17.5MM club option with a $1MM buyout
Mike Leake (33) – $18MM mutual option with a $5MM buyout
Jon Lester (37) – $25MM mutual/vesting option with a $10MM buyout
Mike Minor (33)
Charlie Morton (37) – $15MM vesting option
Jimmy Nelson (31)
James Paxton (32)
Jose Quintana (32)
Robbie Ray (29)
Garrett Richards (33)
Jeff Samardzija (36)
Aaron Sanchez (28)
Anibal Sanchez (37) – $12MM club option with a $2MM buyout
Marcus Stroman (30)
Masahiro Tanaka (32)
Taijuan Walker (28)
Jordan Zimmermann (35)

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 21
Tyler Joseph Nevin Colorado Rockies

Here are links to the players added to the 40 man rosters.

National League

American League

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Nov 21
Yasmani Grandal Chicago White Sox

Went negative on dWAR last year ... now signed through his age 35 season for $18+ mil/year.  His hitting will probably stand up - but by 2022 will the White Sox be wanting him behind the plate for 120+ games?

His $73 million contract is the largest guaranteed sum by the White Sox ... Mike Trout will make that much in the first 2 years of his current 12 year deal.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Nov 21
Jasrado Chisholm Miami Marlins

Jazz Chisholm (SS) MIA - Nov. 20

Chisholm was added to the Marlins' 40-man roster Wednesday, Andersen Pickard of reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: This protects him from the Rule 5 draft. Chisholm was acquired straight up for Zac Gallen at the trade deadline and gives the Marlins a shot at a superstar shortstop, although he comes with plenty of risk due to some strikeout issues.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 21

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