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In all these years, I don't think the bookeeping has changed. To be a contender, one way or another you have to wrestle $60 in profits out of the team you paid for. And then you need to get free loot from your reserve list and FAAB claims. And almost always, you need to make at least one trade to plug the gaps.

I haven't toted up what my draft roster was worth last year in the American Dreams but I hit the jackpot with free loot: Bo Bichette and Yordan Alvarez were on my seven-player reserve list and I claimed Hansel Robles for nothing in late April. Needed to get another closer at the trade deadline and failed. Finished second by a point and a half. 

Alex Patton Alex

Bill James recently said, "In modern baseball you have to have about 16 players having quality seasons to win your division, including three or four guys who are truly outstanding.   You can be in all different positions before you get there.   You might have 8 guys who are pretty good, 1 guy who is truly outstanding, and you might finish 75-87 or something.   You add one really good player, gets you to 9 and 2, that probably just makes you a .500 team, but then if, at the same time, you find a couple of junk-heap relievers who come through with good seasons, a couple of surprise players like Urshela was last year or a guy having a career year like Christian Vazquez did last year, you can vault forward in the standings.   But if you're adding one good player a year, you won't make any progress at all because you're also going to have guys who get hurt and guys who get old and guys who just don't have good seasons.   Talking about one good player turning the team around. . .I just don't see it."

How about in s standard, deep Roto League in Stage Four: How many good players would it take to win the League? How would we measure good? Performance over Auction Day Par? Does it still boil down to a bottom line profit of $60 or so at the end of Auction Day to be a contender? How many good players is that? Can a single player make enough of an impact?

James Morgan jem1776

Shoot, for one thing. Mike Fenger sent me a note this afternoon saying, Please make Chris Sale an R5. I didn't do it. You should. Now I have.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Text and Excel files have been uploaded. Please check back Friday for any notes about corrections. I don't anticipate any important ones, they're not playing games for who knows how long and almost all the changes this week involved injuries and suspensions, and how a shortened season might change those values now. We'll keep tinkering and let you know if anything important presents itself.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Michael Lorenzen Cincinnati Reds

Seems to have been left out of last weeks excel file.

carter carter GypsySoul

So, the full install of the program is uploaded and available on the Subscriber page. I got bogged down tonight, so while the update includes new prices for some players (mostly those expected to miss the early part of the season because of injury (up) or suspension (down) and full Tout Wars prices from this past weekend's auction, I didn't have a chance to fully double check. So please keep an eye out and let me know if you see any mistakes. I hope to get the text and Excel files out tonight, but it might be tomorrow morning. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Ryon Healy Milwaukee Brewers

I didn't have a bid price on him, though he should have been R3 I guess.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Chris Sale Boston Red Sox

And the answer is in: TJ.

John Thomas Roll2
Austin Dean St. Louis Cardinals

Now a Cardinal, sent to AAA.

John Thomas Roll2
Logan Allen Cleveland Indians

Now an Indian, sent to AAA today.

John Thomas Roll2
Ryon Healy Milwaukee Brewers

Sent down today, if you are looking to get to 3120.

John Thomas Roll2

We will have an update fairly soon. Alex is entering Tout prices, which will be the major part since there has been otherwise little changed in the baseball world since last week. We'll then do an update the week before the season starts and another shortly after the season starts, maybe not on Thursdays. We'll have to see what makes sense when we get there.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Yes. I'm entering the Tout Wars prices now.

It will probably be on the latish side tonight.

Alex Patton Alex
Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies

$37 in Tout.

He was slashing .500/.591/1.250 this spring.

Alex Patton Alex

Given the national emergency it seems selfish of me to ask, but I'm you still plan on a March 19 update today in the download section?  Thank you.

John Hobbs Real-Joker
Ji-Man Choi Tampa Bay Rays

Not taken (even in the reserve draft) in CBS, $5 in LABR, then $14 in Tout.

He was being his typical so-so self (273/448/409) in spring training, so I'm not surer why.

Alex Patton Alex

I haven't pushed this yet because it will be a day or two more before we get the prices in. If it takes too long I'll extend the deadline a little. It's a weird year. But feel free to fill in the form.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Aristides Aquino Cincinnati Reds

$4 in LABR after $9 in LABR and $8 in CBS.

He was slashing .077/.200/.077 in spring training. But it's worth noting, too, that he had swiped three bases.

Alex Patton Alex
Miguel Andujar New York Yankees

$12 in Tout Wars.

Before that: $9 in LABR.

Before that: $2 in CBS.

The injury to Stanton, then Judge, gave his salary a boost. It will go down, at least a tick or two, if both those players are mended when the season starts.

Alex Patton Alex
John Thomas Roll2

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