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$45 is exactly what I valued Yelich at with inflation. I think if you have a tendency to leave money on the table, I do, one approach is to buy the better players ie higher priced you want at or over par value, but not by more than a few dollars. So, that is an excellent buy, Mike.

carter carter GypsySoul
Blake Snell San Diego Padres

He went for $35 in our league (estimated inflation pre-draft was 28%).  We really really wanted him and had allocated $30 which we thought would be plenty, and we weren't even close.  And I'm already having non-buyer's remorse.

Doron Scharf jerome
Chris James Boston Red Sox
Akil Baddoo Detroit Tigers
Trevor Hildenberger New York Mets
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

We paid $45 for Yelich, so clearly we agree with Howard.  Our only
goal for PCL 2021:  not leave 10 or 12 bucks on the table like last
year, or what we call the Gregory Polanco Fiasco. 

Mission accomplished. So that's something.

Mike Landau ML-

Howard -- we've been throwing out the "buy your mistakes" theme since that time we shared a team in 1989 and bid 24 on Chris James to be our 3B.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

I think the difference is between a redraft league and a protection league.  In a redraft league, you need to get players less than what you have on your list because you don't have any value built in. If everyone drafts a $260 team for $260, you know what happens.

In a keeper league, you want to draft people between their raw value and their inflation value - or under their raw value if you can get that lucky.

I guess you can say inflation value is what you want to buy under, but everyone allocates inflation differently, so it's not quite the same as a redraft, when player prices are pretty well known before the draft even begins.  For example, I had Trout valued at $32 raw and $60 inflation. I paid $50. I considered it a good buy. Meanwhile, I had Jose Ramirez $31 and $58. Ramirez went for $52. I had Trout already, so I couldn't bid $53 but even still, I thought I did better because I had Ramirez cheaper than Trout and he went for more than Trout.  When Merrifield came up a bit later; I had him for $26 and $49. He went for $51. More than Trout, but also more than my inflation value.  Under my system of pricing, he not only used up someone's protection value, but also ate into their $260 base.  

Maybe someone was allocating inflation by category instead of by hitters/pitchers like I do. If so, Merrifield was more valuable (inflation value) than Trout b/c SB were more scarce in my league after keepers were submitted. But, that's mere speculation. As advanced as my league is, I doubt anyone was calculating inflation by category.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

re: Roto in a nutshell ... (see PCL thread) ... if you go into an auction with a mindset of "seeking value" (ie. i'll only buy guys for less than I have them on my list) ... what that translates to (in a "good league") is "getting your mistakes" :-)

And we all make mistakes ... right?

So what's the alternative?  "get your guys" ... which means "overpay ... till it hurts ... and hope you get lucky on the scrubs" ...

So ... we're back to ... how to "zag"?

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Blake Snell San Diego Padres

Anyone want to confess to bidding $34? :-)

Maybe "mistake" is too harsh ... but I felt he was "must have" for me ... which means, if the player is any good at all, "overpay" ... which, by definition, is NOT "overpay" ... ie. someone else was willing to pay $34 ...

Bottom line: this is the year!!!

(Side Note: today is "game 7" :-))

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Great example, Kent. Whatever happened to Stage 4? FWIW I had Bradley worth $16, splitting the difference between you and your friend. I didnt have the money for him at that point, unfortunately. I guess many didnt.

carter carter GypsySoul
Kyle Hendricks Chicago Cubs

Totally agree re Hendricks, I thought he is worth probably $7 more. 

carter carter GypsySoul
Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds

Totally agree, Votto a real bargain. I had him worth $16 with inflation.

carter carter GypsySoul
Blake Snell San Diego Padres

"How is this guy going for $35?" asked my partner.  I wasn't sure until I looked carefully at the screen:


This is the year!!!  Tingler lets him go the distance in game 7.

Mike Landau ML-
Randy Dobnak Minnesota Twins

Ah, the transcript.

18:01:46  (we started at 11) From Moose Factory to Everyone : dobnak 1

18:01:56 From Hackers to Everyone : 2

So I was tapped out, just nominating pitchers I hoped to get each time my turn came.

While hoping others would nominate pitchers I didn't want, filling their slots.

18:06:50 From BB Guns to Everyone: ray 1

18:06:59 From Bad K to Everyone: 2

That actually makes me feel better.

Since Saturday I've been under the impression that I could have said (or typed) 3 for Ray and chose not to.


Because my printer died on me Friday, making it impossible to print my lists from the Projector, and Peter helped me struggle with this all day and finally solved it Friday night. To snatch a player from him in the end game seemed like the height of ingratitude.

In other words, from late Saturday until just now, I thought I lost out on Robbie Ray because I was a sap.

Alex Patton Alex
Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds

I had him targeted at $15, love that $9 last night....he went for $20 in my prior "high inflation" auction.  Joey's a conundrum.   And the best interview in baseball.

Dave Gates Dirkbag
Corbin Burnes Milwaukee Brewers

Yeah that was my $32.  Had Degrom targeted at 44, he went for 45.  Scherzer target was 34, he got to 34 and I did not go to 35, Snell I had pegged for 28 and he went 35.  Strasburg 26 he went 29.  Well then.  I had a $34 slot for Big Strikeout Guy and decided I had to have Burnes.  Not too concerned about overpaying - seeing how I left money on the table at the end of the night!

Dave Gates Dirkbag

If you listen to the Nats TV announcers, if you've got Andrew Stevenson, then you've got enough hitting :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob

I came into the PCL draft with Davies, Anderson, Gonsolin (mistake), & Suter for pitchers. Kept Narvaez, Moose, Davis, Hampson, Rojas, O'Neill, Pollock, and Calhoun.

Wasn't looking for pitching but found it.

Everyone I bought went under my number or right at it. Probably don't have enough hitting right now but I hope so.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Kyle Hendricks Chicago Cubs

Hendricks falls to me at 20 while Snell goes to 35 and Urias goes to 28. Makes no sense to me, but I will buy him at 20 every time.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

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