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Whit Merrifield Kansas City Royals

A Davidson pan in the Guide. "... 20ish steals is his new normal."

Gianella and RotoRob pick him. 

Gianella: "the slip in steals will push him too far down in drafts, especially if your competitors don't properly value batting average."

RotoRob: He's "a line drive machine (he led the majors in line drive rate after finishing third in 2018)."

Alex Patton Alex
Joe Panik Toronto Blue Jays

"Getcher 5th outfielder!  5th outfielder heah!"

Mike Dean TMU2009
Oscar Mercado Cleveland Indians

A Davitt and Davidson pick in the Guide. Davitt calls him "A poor man's Whit Merrifield."

Alex Patton Alex
Lewin Jose Diaz Miami Marlins

The soon-to-be first sacker on the Marlins Tim talks about under Aguilar.

Alex Patton Alex
Jose Altuve Houston Astros

Most Astros and Altuve in particular have dropped precipitously in early draft ADP. Altuve started in the low 30s and has dropped down to a mid-40 ADP since the photo of him clutching his jersey was published.

Jesus Aguilar Miami Marlins

With all due respect to Andy, I'd be hedging my bets with Lewin Diaz. Acquired from the Twins at the trade deadline as part of the Romo deal, Diaz had a very good year in 2019. I wouldn't be at all shocked to see the 23-year-old owning the 1B gig in Miami by the AS break.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Austin Meadows Tampa Bay Rays

We'll keep him at $21 (4x4, AL-only), and won't expect huge profits there, but I think he's solid at that price.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Jose Altuve Houston Astros

I thought several Astros -- Altuve and Bregman in particular -- didn't come off well in their comments.  Spare me the "Oh, the whole world is against us, we'll show them" bullshit.  The whole world is against you because you cheated.

Mike Dean TMU2009

Got my copy of the Guide at B&N Rio Gaithersburg, MD.  I like what you've done with the prospect rankings.  Best Now and Later since watermelon flavor came out.  

I think you are too positive on Honeywell, considering he's missed two years and likely part of this year with elbow injuries.  A couple guys I would have liked to see instead:  Nick Madrigal or Brusdar Graterol.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Joe Panik Toronto Blue Jays

Will be in camp with the Blue Jays on a minor league deal.

Alex Patton Alex
Matt Wieters St. Louis Cardinals

Re-upped with the Cardinals for $2 million.

Alex Patton Alex
Jose Altuve Houston Astros

His denial seemed very adamant and sincere.  I also believed Ryan Braun.  Darn near impossible to tell on these things.  I want to believe him.  

Justin Verlander Houston Astros

The team barred a reporter from the clubhouse in August at Verlander's request? What's that all about?

Another bit of news (to me) in this article: Nolan Ryan quit as an advisor because the owner elevated his son and demoted Ryan's in the front office.

Alex Patton Alex
Stephen Vogt San Francisco Giants

Quoted by Tyler Kepner in the Times today:

“When you’d go to Houston, it always seemed like they were on pitches. As a catcher, when you see your pitcher execute a perfect slider down in the zone with two strikes and someone doesn’t even flinch at it, you start to get alarm bells going off in your head. I spent a lot of time wondering if I was doing something in my setup that would be tipping pitches to the other team.”

Alex Patton Alex
Austin Meadows Tampa Bay Rays

Don't count on 12 SB again and be happy if he gets as many AB. But this guy is a heckuva hitter.

Alex Patton Alex
Andrew McCutchen Philadelphia Phillies

He actually was having a better year on the road, slightly better, when he tore his ACL.

He should be fully recovered by Opening Day but it's going to be close.

Alex Patton Alex
James McCann Chicago White Sox

Slashed .226/.281/.413 Post All-Star. Fanned in more than a third of his AB.

Alex Patton Alex
Ryan McBroom Kansas City Royals

The same baseball in Triple-A was hit with more authority, obviously.

The left field spot is his to claim in spring training.

Alex Patton Alex
Carlos Martinez St. Louis Cardinals

Carlos Martinez (P) STL - Jan. 18

Martinez (shoulder) will begin throwing off a mound Tuesday, Anne Rogers of reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Martinez underwent offseason shoulder surgery after performing solely as a reliever in 2019. It's unclear how long his shoulder was an issue, but it could help to explain some of his struggles during the postseason. The right-hander expressed a desire to compete for a spot in the starting rotation next season, and he could be ready to do so by spring training if his recovery continues smoothly. 

Alex Patton Alex
Dusty Baker Washington Nationals

Astros interviewing Dusty for their managerial job.  And all Astros fans I know say, please, NOOOOOOOO!

For me Dusty is the definition of mediocrity in a manager, and he has never been able to manage a bullpen.

Please, no, Mr. Crane.  Please.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX

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