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Randy Arozarena Tampa Bay Rays

Randy just squeaked onto BA's Top 100 Prospects last year and mashed his way to No. 17 (only) this year.

Randy Arozarena Headshot

Final 2020 Ranking: 100 
Tools: Hit: 55 | Power: 60 | Run: 70 | Fielding: 50 | Arm: 55 
Skinny: The breakout star of the postseason is bound to face an adjustment period, but his tools and athleticism should help him remain a standout.

Alex Patton Alex
Jo Adell Los Angeles Angels

It seemed to me Jo played enough last year to go past his prospect eligibility and badly enough to drop further down than No. 13 if he didn't.

Wrong both times.

Jo Adell 2021

Jo Adell


Final 2020 Ranking: 2 
Tools: Hit: 50 | Power: 70 | Run: 70 | Fielding: 50 | Arm: 60 
Skinny: Adell’s MLB debut was rough, but his physical talents, ability to adjust and elite makeup have him primed to rebound in a big way.

Alex Patton Alex
Cristian Pache Atlanta Braves

BA agrees with Peter that "the offense isn't all there yet" -- which makes it all the more impressive that he comes in at No. 7 on their top 100 prospects list.

Cristian Pache 2021

Final 2020 Ranking: 10 
Tools: Hit: 45 | Power: 55 | Run: 70 | Fielding: 80 | Arm: 70 
Skinny: Arguably the best defensive center fielder to come along since Andruw Jones, Pache also has growing power that bodes well for his offensive future.

Alex Patton Alex
Julio Rodriguez Seattle Mariners

The scouting reports Baseball America's top 100 prospects are pithy but the grades tell us what we really want to know, and it's nice to see their faces.

Headshot 2021 Julio Rodriguez 98511 Mlb

Julio Rodriguez


Final 2020 Ranking: 6
Tools: Hit: 60 | Power: 70 | Run: 45 | Fielding: 55 | Arm: 70 
Skinny: The “man-child” has the physical traits of a middle-of-the-order masher and the effervescent personality to be the face of the Mariners franchise. 

Alex Patton Alex
Trevor Rogers Miami Marlins

Here they are, the few we have. Fangraphs has the rest.

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Jarred Kelenic Seattle Mariners

No. 9 on last year's top 100 prospects list from BA, Kelenic moved up No. 4 this year, right behind a teammate.

Headshot 2021 Jarred Kelenic 98681 Mlb

Jarred Kelenic


Final 2020 Ranking: 9 
Tools: Hit: 70 | Power: 60 | Run: 55 | Fielding: 50 | Arm: 60 
Skinny: With a sweet swing, growing power and a ceaseless drive to win, Kelenic should join Rodriguez as a star in the Mariners outfield for years to come.

Alex Patton Alex
Trevor Rogers Miami Marlins

Needs pitching stats.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sixto Sanchez Miami Marlins

Sixto is sixth on BA's top 100 prospects list, unveiled yesterday.

Sixto Sanchez 2021

Sixto Sanchez


Final 2020 Ranking: 14 
Tools: Fastball: 80 | Changeup: 70 | Slider: 55 | Curveball: 55 | Control: 60 
Skinny: With elite fastball velocity, a devastating changeup and rare control for a power pitcher, Sanchez is primed to build on his excellent MLB debut. 

Alex Patton Alex
Wander Franco Tampa Bay Rays

BA rolled out its top 100 prospects yesterday.


Final 2020 Ranking: 1 
Tools: Hit: 80 | Power: 60 | Run: 50 | Fielding: 50 | Arm: 50 
Skinny: The precocious switch-hitter has potential batting titles in his future and a chance to reach the majors by 20 years old.


Alex Patton Alex
Caleb Smith Arizona Diamondbacks

Needs to be on the Diamondbacks.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

Very surprising the US has this many.

Baseball America's

2021 Top 100 MLB Prospects By The Numbers


United States72
Dominican Republic15
Puerto Rico1
South Korea1

Wander Franco (Dominican Republic) joins Andruw Jones (Curacao) as the only international players to be ranked the No. 1 prospect in back-to-back years. The only other players to be ranked the No. 1 prospect in consecutive years are Joe Mauer (2004-05) and Bryce Harper (2011-12).

Jeter Downs grew up in Florida, but he was born in Colombia and lived there until he was 5. He is counted with Luis Patiño as players from Colombia in the 2021 Top 100.

Ha-Seong Kim is the first player from South Korea to rank in the Top 100 since Hyun-Jin Ryu, who ranked No. 42 in 2013.

Alex Patton Alex
Joe Musgrove San Diego Padres

The whole deal:

Padres get: RHP Joe Musgrove from the Pirates

Mets get: LHP Joey Lucchesi from the Padres

Pirates get: OF Hudson Head, RHP David Bednar, LHP Omar Cruz, RHP Drake Fellows from the Padres and C/OF Endy Rodriguez from the Mets

Kent Ostby Seadogs

To Padres ... key prospect is Hudson Head

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Here's another look at team Statcast stats:

Top 10 FBv                   FBvERA


avg 1094.04.43

These are the ten best pitching staffs in 2020 measured in pure heat: the average velocity of all the fastballs that were thrown. I thought there would be a better correlation with the desired result, ERA.

The MLB average ERA was 4.45. As a group, these high-octane pitching staffs were only slightly better.

But there are still some interesting things to see here. The NL dominates this list. Eight of the ten teams are at the extremes in ERA, four good (Dodgers, Reds, Padres, Rays), four bad (Rockies, Mets, Phillies, Tigers).

Not shown is the FB% of these pitching staffs, but that's also interesting. The Reds were the least fastball-reliant (48.5%) and got good results. The Tigers were the most fastball-reliant (57.8%) and got terrible results.

Alex Patton Alex
Clint Frazier New York Yankees

A foot soldier in the Empire channels his inner DiCaprio.

Alex Patton Alex
Luis Castillo Cincinnati Reds

The Evil Empire, spreading rumors.

Luis Castillo (P) CIN - Jan. 17

Reds GM Nick Krall issued a statement suggesting that rumors of Castillo being traded to the Yankees was 'completely false,' Mark Sheldon of reports. "[The rumors] are completely false," Krall texted. "We intend to have [Castillo] as a member of our rotation for 2021."

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: While Krall has asserted that he'll listen to offers for nearly everyone, it doesn't really make sense to trade Castillo, absent an overwhelming package. He's only making $4.2 million with the Reds in 2021 and won't become a free agent for another three seasons. 

Alex Patton Alex
Chris Davis Baltimore Orioles
Yep. As long as the players oppose delaying. But if 100,000 people die in the next month and ICU units are overwhelmed, might there be reasons for the players to compromise? Especially if some big states let it be known that lockdown is extending to May?

I'm not hoping this happens, but it's trending, isn't it?
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

MLB doesn't have the unilateral right to delay the season, unlike many other leagues. It has to be based on government restrictions caused by the state of emergency. We haven't seen restrictions on non-essential workers in most localities in a very, very long time.  Considering Spring Training is in Florida and Arizona, I wouldn't expect those Governors to place any restrictions.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

On the other hand, it doesn't cost them anything more to hold onto him. If opening day is delayed, and it still looks like a good bet to me it will be, there will be lots of pressure to make the season shorter. They save some millions, which at some point has to mean something. 

If they were contending and could use the roster spot for a contributing player, that would mean something else.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Martin Perez Boston Red Sox

Re-signed with the Red Sox for $4.5 million after the club declined its option this year for $6.25 million. The club option for next year is $6 million.

The buyout is half a million. 

Alex Patton Alex

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