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Kay's AA numbers shot him up the rankings enough to get him into the Futures Game and onto Toronto's radar, but he hasn't done much since then.  Had already been sent down when spring training prematurely ended.

John Thomas Roll2

And I have not received mine.

Mike Davis BeanCounter

Totally agree.

Alex Patton Alex

Anthony Kay is only the No. 15 prospect on the Mets, per Rotowire, but Simeon Woods Richardson (who's not in the database) is No. 3.

Alex Patton Alex

I find the mewling in some quarters about whether they can have a "representative" season with only 100-110 games amusing.   Give me games.  We can debate whether the season was "representative" for years thereafter.

Mike Dean TMU2009

I haven't heard anything about that. Maybe there is a Stage Four.

Alex Patton Alex

With talk of expanded rosters to accommodate more pitchers and 8 or 9 games a week, if there is baseball I imagine there will need to be significant rethinking of player values. 

John Thomas Roll2

I don't think I've received my email confirmation yet. 

van wilhoite LVW
Eddie Murray Los Angeles Dodgers

Your point about dWAR is more than supported by Vic Power. In his Gold Glove years (eight of them, all in a row), his dWARs ranged from 0.9 to -0.8. His career dWAR is -0.8. His career OPS+ is 97, so obviously somebody beside the sportswriters thought he was pretty good with the glove.

In countless games against the Yankees, I got to watch him and he was way better than that.

Alex Patton Alex

WAR for 1B defensively is basically always negative due to the positional adjustment.  Keith Hernandez's career dWAR is 1.3.  His career best is 0.9 and he had  a lot of negative seasons mixed in.

FWIW, he's first in assists all-time at 1B.  That goes along with 1st in games at the position, but it's not like he's down in the pack.  I'm not sure how putouts or range factor matter much for a 1B.  And, errors, we all know how useless they are.

Total zone runs has him 10th.  That's a counting stat, not a rate stat, so the fact that he played a lot of games helps him.  The guys ahead of him are generally considered the greatest fielders at the position ever.  Keith Hernandez, Todd Helton, Adrian Gonzalez, John Olerud lead the pack.  Pujols, George Scott, Mark Grace, Pete O'Brien, and Vic Power (who I don't know).

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

And he never once got his uniform dirty diving for a ground ball. I used to get so aggravated watching him waive at ground balls go by. But, yeah, he was a great & consistent hitter.

Mike Davis BeanCounter

The bottom of the hitters list is now much better than it's been in past years thanks to the extra roster spot which is going almost exclusively to hitters. Using roster resource projected rosters and building out my list, I've got at least three guys off the list who I like as players. Usually I had three guys on the list that I hated at this point.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Eddie Murray Los Angeles Dodgers

Viewed through the prism of today's metrics, he gains in stature. Except in the vexing matter of defense. In his three Gold Glove years, his dWARs...

1982: -0.5

1983: 0.1

1984: 0.2

Careere dWAR: -11.6

Alex Patton Alex
Noah Syndergaard New York Mets

I've heard some dark comments lately, but this one might top them all.

Alex Patton Alex

In the old days, LynchMob would write down the second to last bidder on players he won at auction as possible trade partners for later in the season.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Eddie Murray Los Angeles Dodgers

I was lucky enough to watch Murray near the end, when he arrived in Cleveland to pass on the smarts of his years, as young guys such as Manny, Thome, Belle, and Lofton soaked it up on the way to a World Series. 

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Noah Syndergaard New York Mets

Noah slated for TJS.

Leave it to the Mets to find a way to depress their fans during a pandemic.

On the bright side, it's possible he doesn't miss any games.


All of you are as great now, maybe even greater, than before this came down. I especially like references to your favorite books. Keep 'em coming. 

I am thinking of starting a fun, non-keeper draft-style league, small money. I dont want to pay any fees to the site that hosts. Suggestions are very welcome as to sites you like for hosting fantasy sports in general. If anyone wants to join pls let me know, though that isnt the purpose of this comment. Thinking a $20 entry, winner takes all. 

Many thanks and the usual-be well, take it easy.

carter carter GypsySoul
Jake Marisnick New York Mets

3 year oWar scan: Lagares 0.5 - Marisnick 5.2

Lagares had -.4 oWar in 2019 over 285 AB


For me the question is, is he a better defender than Juan Lagares. According to Fangraphs, yes, and a better hitter, too. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

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