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Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

And roughly 20% of his career starts have come at 1b/DH. 

van wilhoite LVW
Carlton Fisk Chicago White Sox

All of that time missed in the 70s cut down on his workload and the wear and tear on his knees. 

Look at his 1975 line. If he had played the whole season and did that it might have been a very interesting MVP race. 

van wilhoite LVW

I just looked up Gary Carter, who I considered the NL version of Fisk in my youth.  Carter's slash line of 262/335/439 is similar to Fisk's 269/341/439.  They're even closer by OPS+, which puts The Kid's 115 just behind Pudge's 117.  The difference, at least in counting stats is that Carter stopped hitting after age 33 and Pudge kept going as Alex mentioned.  And, that's why, even though Fisk's top 10 career similarity scores include Bench, Carter, and Berra at the top and Ted Simmons, and the other Pudge in the top 6, after age 40, his most similar players are Raul Ibanez, Graig Nettles, Tony Perez, and Julio Franco, a similar group of ageless wonders.  There are no other catchers like Fisk.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jose Ramirez Cleveland Indians

I'm leery.

Yeah - he's capable of something big.  But from mid-August 2018 to early July 2019, Ramirez had a 112 game stretch where he put up 511 plate appearances ... .199/.305/.238 slash with 7 HR.

Yeah, he did put up 25 SB, but as he gets into his late 20's does he still keep running as much?  Meanwhile he's shown he's capable of a really long, really ugly stretch ... that should moderate bids.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Carlton Fisk Chicago White Sox

Eugene is absolutely right (Posey thread).

With one notable exception. It looked like Pudge was starting to fade when he was 32.

And then again when he was 34.

In 1986, when he was 39, you would have said surely now he should hang them up.


Alex Patton Alex
Jose Ramirez Cleveland Indians

Was cruising along in August to the tune of .321/.372/.705.

That's enough to get him four picks in the Guide.

From Shandler he gets a pan. "... Another way to view these periodic surges is as outliers and everything else as his baseline, particularly on the power side. So I'll be looking for a 25 HR hitter when everyone else will be paying for a 35-HR version that doesn't exist. He's yours."

Alex Patton Alex
Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

I haven't followed his career, given my general blindspot for the NL, but I believe there are some older studies that show that catchers decline at younger ages than other players.

Johnny Bench's last solid year was at 32.  Mickey Cochrane too.  Bill Dickey lost his power after 32.  For Joe Mauer, he was essentially done after 30.  It's tough business behind the plate.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Albert Pujols Los Angeles Angels

How good was Albet Pujols?

He hasn't hit .300 since 2010. He hasn't hit better than .245 in the last three seasons. And he's still hitting .300 in his career.

Alex Patton Alex
Jurickson Profar San Diego Padres

Traded to the Padres in early December for Austin Allen and a player to be named. Quickly agreed to a one-year contract for $5.7 million, avoiding arbitration.

The starting second baseman or a super sub? Remains to be seen.

Had the lowest BABIP in the majors (500+ PA), so there's going to be some improvement there, no matter what his role.

Alex Patton Alex
Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

Buster's average exit velocity declined last year, his barrel percent declined, his launch angle declined, and, as we see, his batting average declined, his on-base average declined and his slugging average declined.

He's not so old that it's a given that he keeps declining.

Alex Patton Alex

Caveat - this is 12-team mixed league ... which means there's ridiculous hitting depth all over the place.  

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Jordyn Adams Los Angeles Angels

Baseball America -- now that we've already devoured this year's top 100 prospects -- looking ahead to next year's.

Jordyn Adams, OF, Angels: A two-sport athlete out of high school, Adams has plenty of raw tools that he’s working to turn into skills. If he succeeds, he has one of the higher upsides in the Angels’ system and could become one of the coveted players who provides both power and speed.

Alex Patton Alex
Dylan Carlson St. Louis Cardinals

More helium today, this time from BP, unveiling the top Cardinals prospects.

1. Dylan Carlson, OF
Height/Weight: 6’3” / 205 lbs
Drafted 33rd overall in the 2016 draft, Elk Grove HS (Elk Grove, CA); signed for $1.35 million
Previous Ranking(s): 
11th (Org)
2019 Stats: 
.281/.364/.518, 21 HR, 18 SB in 108 games for Double-A Springfield; .361/.418/.681, 5 HR, 2 SB in 18 games for Triple-A Memphis

The Report: There’s breakout prospects and then there’s breakout prospects. Carlson is the latter. He had spent the last couple years flashing big tools while putting up fine, but unspectacular, performance albeit while relatively young for his leagues. In 2019 he finally started tapping into his raw power, and a move to center field went well enough—stupid Cardinals Devil Magic—and he’s gone from a good org name with some tweener tendencies to a potential five-tool center fielder and national darling. It’s not a lock he sticks up-the-middle. Although he’s a good baserunner, he’s not a true burner. He’s filled out in his upper body and has maintained his loose, athletic swing. He has plus bat speed from both sides of the plate and gets to his plus raw power without sacrificing any barrel control. Some .290, 25 home run seasons are likely, and if he can actually handle center in the majors, All-Star games will follow.  

OFP: 70 / All-Star outfielder

Variance: Medium. There’s a chance he continues his growth and there’s a bit more in the tank at the plate. There’s also the risk he’s more of a .270, 20 HR corner outfielder who plays center once or twice a week. That’s still a very nice major leaguer, but not a star.

Major league ETA:  2020

Mark Barry’s Fantasy Take: 

Alex Patton Alex
Jorge Polanco Minnesota Twins

Not as big an uptick in HR/FB as you would expect -- until you see the uptick in FB.

Jorge tailed off a bit Post All-Star (.273/341/447) and, depending what they do with the baseball, those are the slash stats I would expect to see this season.

Alex Patton Alex
Gregory Polanco Pittsburgh Pirates

From Rotoworld in December:

... Gregory Polanco (shoulder) is throwing up to 120 feet with no issues.
Spin: Polanco was shut down in September to receive PRP injections in his surgically-repaired left shoulder, but Pirates medical director Todd Tomczyk said Monday that everything is progressing well. There are still hurdles to cross, but the hope is that he'll have no restrictions going into the spring. Polanco, 27, batted just 242/.301/.425 line over 42 games with the Pirates in 2019.
Alex Patton Alex
Kevin Pillar San Francisco Giants

Non-tendered by the Giants, still looking for a team.

He will do better than an NRI. Won't he?

Alex Patton Alex
Tommy Pham San Diego Padres
Austin Riley Atlanta Braves

With the Ozuna signing, and all the other parts I mentioned in their OF in the Ozuna thread - I'd expect the go-for-broke Braves to ship a young arm plus Riley for a 3B upgrade if he isn't helping them win games right away.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Joc Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers

Hit nine homers in 23 games (61 AB) in September. On the season hit zero homers in 49 AB against lefties. Slashed .270/.364/.647 in Dodger Stadium, which is to say he wasn't the same player on the road.

Alex Patton Alex
Marcell Ozuna St. Louis Cardinals

NL .. DH ... NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Phil Ponebshek Texpope

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