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Speaking of fun drafts ... the MLB and MLBPA have agreed to some new rules.

Kent Ostby Seadogs

Still nothing

Mike Davis BeanCounter
Brandon Belt San Francisco Giants

I think Bill James developed RC and Tom Tango (Tangotiger) modified/adjusted it to created wRC (w for weighted) and then it was adjusted for park and era by making it wRC+.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Yairo Munoz St. Louis Cardinals

Red Sox signed INF Yairo Muñoz to a minor league contract.

Howard Lynch LynchMob

I half agree with you, Peter, but that's because life is more vivid at 18 than 38, and more vivid at 8 than 18.

The actors who played the little girls in the first two episodes were spectacular.

If Ferrante was unmasked, Howard, she still is very much under wraps. There was a documentary called Ferrante Fever that came out last year. Everyone from Emma Goldstein (the translator) to Elizabeth Strout to Jonathan Franzen was interviewed. Except the author.

Alex Patton Alex
Brandon Belt San Francisco Giants

Is wRC+ a Bill James creation? 

Belt's OPS+ last year, as it happens, was 98.

Brandon Belt (1B) SF - Mar. 25

Belt slashed .280/.321/.560 with two home runs and one stolen base through 10 games before spring training was suspended.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The veteran first baseman has historically been a strong performer in the Cactus League, and that trend continued in 2020. Belt had a career-worst 99 wRC+ in 2019 but is poised for another season starting at first base for the Giants. 

Alex Patton Alex

I am wearing my "Life Begins When the Season Starts" t-shirt, but I will not be boarding the train outside my Shaker Square apartment for the ride downtown to the see the Indians Opening Day game with Detroit. Just means that life hasn't resumed ... yet.

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()

When I was in college, our marching band did a halftime tribute to "Nelson Rockefeller and his rigid digit" :-)

Which today would be best aimed at COVID19 ...

(But I don't think the guy in front of NY manager Ralph Houk looks like Nelson Rockefeller ... so ... who is it?)

Howard Lynch LynchMob

If that is Governor Rocky with one of his sons to the right, that means he put aside his differences with Nixon to see the Yanks play the Senators on opening day. 

John Thomas Roll2

A great Opening Day photo, from 1969. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

I half agree with you on the Neopolitan novels. The first two are spectacularly good. No. 3 is tolerable, but all the gas is out of No. 4. We watched episode one of the HBO series last week, and it was fine, beautifully shot with fine performances, but mostly it reminded me how good the novel is and didn't add much to that.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Arrrrgh ... my soul aches ... my favorite 2 words are ... "Opening Day" ... today is ... was ... to be that day ...

I went to a couple of Opening Day's in Washington DC in the mid-60s ... and I don't remember any of the details ... but I do have vague and fond memories of the President throwing out the first pitch and bunting all around ... and joy.  And Frank Howard.

My most recent Opening Day was the last at Candlestick Park in 1999 ... to see my beloved Tony Gwynn ... not a fun day for this Padres' fan ... but that's baseball.

Looking forward to ... Play Ball! ... in due time ... at the right time.

Hang in there, guys!

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Howard Lynch LynchMob

If you've been watching My Brilliant Friend on HBO and enjoying it, here's a recommendation: all four Ferrante novels. You'll know after 50 pages if they work for you, and if they do you'll be taken out of this world into another (Italy after the war) for a very long time.

Alex Patton Alex
Eddie Murray Los Angeles Dodgers

Vic Power was smooth at first in Cleveland, and all the Indians had to do to get him was to trade Roger Maris to Kansas City. 

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()

Thanks Peter.  Need something to pass the time besides reviewing legislative language on COVID-19 bills.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

Any new ideas?  Reports indicate Miami and SF were still interested. 

John Hobbs Real-Joker

It appears the form on the original post was not working because, well, I reused last year's and something seems to have changed with the way WordPress works. So I made a Google form that appears to work.

Please try again. We should be ready to start filling leagues later today.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Same, nor has it popped up in my OnRoto account.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

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