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Domingo German New York Yankees

Given the somewhat obvious ---the two teams with the best rotations are in the WS---you'd think there would have been more mention of the fact the Yankees played the ALCS without their best starter, who allowed 3 runs or fewer in 18 of his 24 starts.  Don't let the 4.03 deceive you---German was frequently dominant in 2019.

Mike Landau ML-
Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals

I don't think the Nats will allow that.  Believe they will agree on a price to bring him back for a farewell tour.  Or two.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

As a former season ticket holder for both the Nats and Astros, this World Series is a dream matchup for me.  I was planning on sitting back and enjoying the games with no gambling - but I simply cannot believe the odds I see for tomorrow night.  I know Cole is pitching for the Astros, but Scherzer and the Nats are +177 underdogs!  That seems crazy to me.  My money will likely be on the 1.77 to 1 Nationals.  

To me this is the way the WS should be:  The two teams with the best "big 3" pitchers are in the finals.  I can't wait to see the games!

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Trevor Larnach Minnesota Twins

Go Beavs!

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Hunter Bishop San Francisco Giants

BA's No. 3 prospect in the Northwest League.

Based on his 22 homers at Arizona State, not what he did as a pro after being taken in the first round in June. Didn't make much contact but it was hard contact.

Alex Patton Alex
Trevor Larnach Minnesota Twins

Baseball America's No.3 prospect in the Florida State League, where he led in batting average and slugging but some annoyingly patent hitter edge him out in OBP. 

He was as good, if not better, after his promotion to the Southern League (I'm sure his OPS+ was better), but there were so many prospects in the Southern League that he dropped to No. 11 in that group. He'll probably be on BA's top 100 list when it's all said.

Alex Patton Alex
Alec Bohm Philadelphia Phillies
Alex Patton Alex

The Phillies' top propect is Baseball America's No. 4 prospect in the Eastern League.

And now, with his stats, we can see why. His power stroke stayed with him in Double A, while he continued to make good contact.

First-round pick in 2018 out of Wichita State.

Alex Patton Alex
Aaron Judge New York Yankees

The 2010s were the first decade since the 1910s in which the Yankees did not appear in a World Series.

Keith Prosseda andypro
Zach Britton New York Yankees

After Game 6: “The more times you face guys, obviously, as relievers, you get uber-expose. It’s the one thing I always say. That’s why we’re relievers, not starters." 

Alex Patton Alex
Carlos Martinez St. Louis Cardinals

Closer Chaos will continue right through the winter.

Carlos Martinez (P) STL - Oct. 20

Martinez underwent a cleanup procedure on his right shoulder Saturday, freelance writer Joe Schwarz reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Martinez struggled in the postseason with six runs allowed on six hits and four walks over 3.2 innings, but it's unclear how long he was actually dealing with the shoulder issue. The 28-year-old will have over three months to recover before pitchers and catchers report in February. The right-hander worked exclusively as a reliever in 2019, but he could transition back to starting pitcher next spring if his health isn't a major concern.

Alex Patton Alex
Bobby Thomson Baltimore Orioles

And apparently it was well known that he was born in Glasgow.

Alex Patton Alex

drop the p and he's been hiding in plain sight

Thomas Rosenthal TommyR
Anthony Rendon Washington Nationals
Kent Ostby Seadogs
Bobby Thompson Texas Rangers

More info/background at and Wikipedia :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob

The real Bobby Thompson is not in the database. Have to use the link to B-R.

Who knew he was born in Glasgow?

Alex Patton Alex
Ryan Pressly Houston Astros

Ryan Pressly (P) HOU - Oct. 19

Pressly (knee) said he'll be ready to pitch in Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday against the Nationals, Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Pressly exited Game 6 of the ALCS on Saturday with right knee discomfort, but he said some scar tissue in his knee came off, which was something he expected to occur at some point after undergoing knee surgery in August. The 30-year-old will now have Sunday and Monday to rest up after the Astros clinched their trip to the World Series with Saturday's walkoff victory.

Alex Patton Alex
Bobby Thompson Texas Rangers

Maybe today is a good day to get "the real Bobby Thompson" a page here :-)

This video of 'the shot heard around the world' is great ... so many interesting elements ... what's with all the trash on the field, for example?

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Tommy Pham Tampa Bay Rays

Stole 18 bases in the second half. Caught stealing once.

Alex Patton Alex
Ronald Acuna Atlanta Braves

Stole 24 bases in the second half.

Alex Patton Alex

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