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Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

538 Predictions for the WS games (and previous post-season games)

In 21 games so far this post-season that 538 has predicted the winner to have a 51-59% chance of winning, the favorite is 11-10.

In 9 games that 538 has predicted the winner to have a 60% chance or greater of winning (max has been 71%), the favorite is 8-1 (Verlander's loss to Rays).

Howard Lynch LynchMob

what is this "football" of which you speak

Mike Landau ML-
Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Howard Lynch LynchMob

This is a dream match up ... is there a better match up in the game today?  Maybe an argument can be made for DeGrom ... and I'm only not including Verlander for the obvious reason (he's on same team as Cole) ... and Verlander vs Strasburg is a great match up also!

It would take A LOT for me to bet against a well rested Scherzer ... so I'm with BiT that +177 udog is crazy ... 

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Sounds like you think "only" leagues are a problem ... if so, then don't play in one.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Quinn Priester Pittsburgh Pirates

BA's No. 2 prospect in the Gulf Coast League.

With considerable help from Peter and Colin, I've gathered together almost all of the minor league stats this year. Quinn is the first player I've searched for in the database who hasn't had any.

But there's always Baseball America.

Alex Patton Alex
Orelvis Martinez Toronto Blue Jays

BA's No. 1 prospect in the Gulf Coast League.

Didn't disappoint after receiving the biggest bonus for a 16-year-old in the 2018-19 international class ($3.5 million).

Alex Patton Alex
Luis Patino San Diego Padres

Baseball America's fourth-best prospect in the California League.

"The high-octane Patino struggled with his control early, but he learned to throttle down and began dominating."

Teams average 4.71 runs per game in the Cal League, the lowest scoring in the past 30 years.

Alex Patton Alex
Cristian Pache Atlanta Braves

The No. 3 prospect in the Southern League in the new Baseball America rankings.

"Pache has dramatically improved his offensive profile since going homerless in his 2017 full-season debut." Defense is his calling card. Stolen bases not so much.

Alex Patton Alex
Bobby Dalbec Boston Red Sox

Baseball America's No, 7 prospect in the Eastern League. Perhaps because he didn't play enough after his promotion, he's not in the top 20 in the International League.

"His hit tool is below-average, but his strike-zone knowledge is improvong and he has prodigious power." 

Alex Patton Alex

We just had two semi major trades in football where a decent player switched conferences. The player's value in each case was mostly unaffected.

Fix your shit, fantasy baseball

Keith Prosseda andypro
Colton Welker Colorado Rockies

You would think he'd be more aggressive after the numbers he posted this year in the Eastern League.

Colton Welker, 3B, Rockies. Welker drew three walks for Salt River and came around to score once as well. The third baseman spent almost a month on the injured list this season with Double-A Hartford. He’s had over 70 at-bats for Salt River with only two extra-base hits, but is getting on-base at a .341 clip thus far.

Alex Patton Alex
Greg Deichmann Oakland Athletics

Another AFLer that the P&Co scouts were high on at First Pitch Arizona.

Greg Deichmann, CF, Athletics. Deichmann smashed a solo homer in the fourth inning for Mesa. The outfielder is hitting .278/.369/.708 with a 1.077 OPS which leads the league. His power has been on display in the Arizona Fall League and his nine blasts are a league-best.

Alex Patton Alex
Royce Lewis Minnesota Twins

Continue to make noise in the AFL.

Royce Lewis, CF, Twins. Lewis drove in two runs for Salt River as he continues his hot hitting in the Arizona Fall League. The center fielder hit a single and a double while also coming around to score twice as well. Lewis has already appeared a few times in center field for Salt River after having played the position just once for Double-A Pensacola this past season.

Alex Patton Alex
Roberto Osuna Houston Astros

Good lord, no comments on him all season? He's going to get some attention now.

Alex Patton Alex
Dansby Swanson Atlanta Braves

In his last 112 AB of the regular season, Dansby slashed .188/.295/.232.

Alex Patton Alex

2019 Postseason WPA Leaders


Jose Altuve111.1HOU
Juan Soto100.8WSN
Anthony Rendon100.7WSN
Dansby Swanson50.6ATL
Max Muncy50.5LAD


Gerrit Cole31.2HOU
Max Scherzer40.8WSN
Anibal Sanchez20.7WSN
Will Harris70.6HOU
Walker Buehler20.6LAD

To learn more about Win Probablity Added, check out the Baseball-Reference Glossary

Alex Patton Alex
Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

Agree. The odds really should be closer (and I bet they will be by game time).

The All Star game is the biggest single reason why the odds are so lopsided now. If Scherzer wins tonight that will all change.

Alex Patton Alex

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