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Jason Hammel
7 minutes ago
And you are now happy you didn't, Alex.

Milone must be stewing every time he watches a Hammel start.
Nate Jones
26 minutes ago
What was a lost year now becomes two. While rehabbing he tore up his UCL and becomes another TJ recepient.
Zack Wheeler
about 2 hours ago
Actually - wasn't that easy. Up 4-1, he gave up a leadoff HR to Rollins in the 7th, got a couple outs, then was lifted for Eveland - who promptly allowed Utley to advance to 3rd on a walk, SB, passed ball ... and then hit Ryan Howard to make it 1st and 3rd with Byrd coming up.

In short, a bad pitch by Familia to the Phillies most dangerous hitter these days - Marlon Byrd - and Wheeler's win would have gone bye-bye. Fortunately for him, Byrd grounded out instead.

Today adds to a string of 6 straight starts where Wheeler's surrendered a total of 7 ERs ... and 5 straight starts with 2 or less walks.
Chris Carter
about 2 hours ago
The hot streak has lasted for a month...he's putting up one helluva July - .295/.364/.679 slash line with 8 homers and 53 total bases.

And still just has a .212 BA and .291 OBP on the season. As good as he has been this month, he was as equally as bad in April and June. May was OK, where he slugged .500.
Zack Wheeler
about 2 hours ago
Easy win for Zack this afternoon. Hasn't had many of those.
Francisco Rodriguez
about 3 hours ago
As cheap a save as it's possible to get.

5-0 lead, bases loaded, 2 outs, called in to face a right handed batter with a .669 OPS.
Justin Masterson
about 4 hours ago
Headed to the Cardinals.

My second league- pitching staff of dreams to start the season:

Tanaka - out for the season
Matt Moore- out for the season after two starts
Chris Tillman
Masterson - dealt to the NL after horrible 1st half
Milone - sent to he minors when A's acquired two pitchers
Jesse Chavez
Straily - dealt to the NL after being sent to the minors

I guess it could be worse right? I still have 4 out of 9.
James Ramsey
about 4 hours ago
The Indians return for Masterson. Going to AAA and might get a look in September. He's having a nice 2014 at AA Springfield slashing 300/389/527. He's 24+ but played 4 years at FSU so age/level isn't a big concern.

What is a big concern is that he has struck out 246 times in 864 minor league AB's. That's 1K for every 3.5 AB's. Factor in the walks and that's 1K for every 4 PA's.
J.P. Arencibia
about 5 hours ago
101 point jump in SLG, not bad.
Jake Peavy
about 8 hours ago
Alex I like the Damn Yankees comparison. Starring Bobby V as the devil.

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