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Ian Desmond
about 5 hours ago
Don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but up until this Thursday, if you have Directv, MLB Extra Innings is free. That means every game is on.

I don't pay for it, but I figured since it was free I'd watch some games tonight, and saw my boy Ian go 5-5 with a HR.

I think tomorrow night I'll watch the Braves to see if Minor can start to turn it around, and then for the late game I'll watch the Astros/A's, for the cool uniform potential.
Huston Street
about 6 hours ago
To cut the suspense on the street about Street, I swapped him tonight to Rotoman for David Price. I needed an ace starter and I was willing to gamble (relevant under our rules) that he stays in the AL. I'm not sure that I would have gone all-in on Street if I didn't think that I could transform him into a starter whom I wanted, even if Price is at the center of trade rumors. He who lives by trades (getting Street) runs the risk of dying by trades (losing Price and pride).

Also, I wanted to move Street before I was the only one trying to swap a reliever at the end of the annual Dance of Saves at the trading deadline.

about 7 hours ago
Guess Shapiro decided he could see what Street was worth in trade? And hope the Tigers don't swipe someone interesting enough to kill the market before he can make a move...
Zach Britton
about 8 hours ago
I've been playing closer lotto this season after drafting Nate Jones: Delabar, Albuquerque, Belisario, Britton. Well, got one right, finally.
Colby Lewis
about 8 hours ago
More importantly, the frickin' *shift* is okay to Colby, but trying to beat it isn't? What a maroon.
Jordany Valdespin
about 12 hours ago
Slyke - a few weeks ago I looked at the landscape and saw that even if I did win a bid on a big-time AL guy coming over, it's unlikely that I'd be able to deal him to a contender since lots of contenders don't have salary cap.

So, I decided to be aggressive before the trading deadline on my FAABs, and pick up some pieces. Since then I've picked up Worley, Hahn, Coghlan, Sizemore, and now Cahill and Valdespin. Maybe not a world-beating crew, but they're doing nice so far.

My guess is that those guys combined would fetch more in a trade than a $50 stud from the AL. Not that I can afford to trade them, since they are all in my lineup this week.
Colby Lewis
about 13 hours ago
Agreed, Alex. Those four guys on one side aren't guarding against the long ball; they're guarding against singles and doubles. So the hitter ISN'T supposed to take the automatic single?
Huston Street
about 14 hours ago
The bids this morning in the ADL (with amount that could be bid):

Nova 5 (5)
Moose 5 (5)
Peppers 17 (18)
Bags 21 (38)
Nabobs 38 (38)
Colby Lewis
about 14 hours ago
I'd drop that bunt down on the shift if my side was up 12-0.
Jordany Valdespin
about 15 hours ago
Picked him up at a zero in my deep mixed home league.

I'd say he's

50% suspended
45% starts slow, loses at bats, sent down for being bad teammate
5% puts up good stats/bad team 2nd half. While probably qualifying at 2B/OF. Signs absurd contract in offseason and gets suspended by May

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