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Jose Altuve
40 minutes ago
Who gives a shift? ... turns out the Astros do!
Dee Gordon
1 day ago
You just summed up in 50 words what I'm probably going to spend 6,000 words on at BP next month.
Hunter Strickland
1 day ago
Before the altercation, I was thinking how calm the Royals were as they ran up the score. If Morse had hit the double that Perez hit, he would have gone berserk.
Emmanuel Burriss
1 day ago
Hitting .556 in the Dominican Winter League. Caught on with the Nationals this year and hit .300 at Syracuse. Stole 22 bases. Has hit .280/.345/.346 in 2,272 AB in the minors.
Bijan Rademacher
1 day ago
Two hits yesterday to bump his average in the AFL to .467. Stole his third base. Hit .280 in the Florida State league thus tear. Stole three out of 11.
Kei Igawa
1 day ago
We'll know more shortly, but it appears that Chihiro Kaneko could be looking at a posting this off-season. More info to follow.

"According to a report by Sponichi, Chihiro Kaneko told team official Ryuzo Setoyama that he was interested in the Majors. Kaneko left for the United States on the 22nd to catch the World Series.

"Last year when we were negotiating his contract, I heard about his interest in the Majors. I figured it was only natural considering how a good player he is," said Setoyama.

He added, "We did not talk about posting, nothing came of it. We said we wanted him to help us out one more time."

The Buffaloes are expected to meet Kaneko again once he returns from the US. If he is serious about the Majors, it might make sense for Orix to post him this year, since they would end up losing him for nothing next year.

A number of MLB scouts have been spotted at games Kaneko started this year. Teams include the Phillies, Red Sox, and Padres."
Dee Gordon
1 day ago
The values are still being spun by the 2013 formulas. We will shortly be switching to the spiffed up P&Co, and when we do Colin will update the formulas. Right now he's got his hands full.

I have worked out the new denominators for 2014 and the results are what you would expect. Hitters earn a little more, pitchers a little less. If there's any surprise, it's that it's only a little. It felt like hitting took a bigger plunge this year than it actually did.

1 day ago
I've heard four different theories for the "extra money" at the end adjustment.

1) Bump prices on everyone a little. DOWNSIDE: Your low priced players have too many $$$ allocated so you miss on top targets.

2) Bump prices for everyone who was already $10 or more. This is my current preferred process since it add most to the top studs and leaves the bottom of the list intact.

3) Add $ to the people you like. You get people you like. DOWNSIDE: You can get swayed by spring/prospect hype.

4) Add $ to people you feel are undervalued on your list. DOWNSIDE: As noted a couple of posts ago, you get a high priced player for more than you wanted to pay but less than you thought the market would pay. Not ALWAYS a bad thing. LynchMob got Cueto this way and won his league.

1 day ago

To some extent, isn't that last-week adjustment a function of providing a complete list that spends all the available money? I'm with you on the ambivalence of doing things like moving Fielder up because the price we'd like to give him seems unrealistic, but isn't the alternative to increase someone like Gordon's price beyond what he'll go for? When I'm doing my lists, I know that guys between $2 and $9 give me the most intellectual discomfort, because I know that they are the most likely to (1) vary from any given auction and (2) end up being overpriced in the aggregate because (at least in part) the top-end guys ended up going for more than I predicted. But, I try to at least rank those guys in terms of whom I like and whom I don't, even if their prices are bound to be off more than I would like them to be.

Wish you were coming to Arizona next weekend, would love to have you in the room with Peter and Alex talking about pricing theory . . .
Michael Fiers
1 day ago
In 2012 his ERA and WHIP going into September were 2.85 and 1.099.

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