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Rusney Castillo
about 3 hours ago
According to Ken Rosenthal, the list of suitors has been narrowed down to the Tigers, Red Sox, and Giants. The Tigers and Giants make a lot of sense as they both currently have a hole to fill in centerfield, but the Red Sox? If they sign Castillo it really makes me wonder if Betts is merely being showcased for a potential off-season move.
Rex Brothers
about 6 hours ago
Traded for him in the preseason, as his salary was $1, surely he would earn more, and there was a good chance he could close eventually. Now sitting at $-2. Oops.
Jimmy Rollins
about 6 hours ago
I used to wrap the base of the handle of my bat. I couldn't make it asymmetrical, however like this, but I always liked my bottom hand to have a inverse taper of the handle.

about 9 hours ago
wow, me too. thats really cool and seems to make so much sense i wonder how no one else thought of it before.

Don Money
about 16 hours ago
Geez! What will the SI cover jinx do to a 13 year old girl playing with mostly boys?

about 19 hours ago
Gotta like the latest cover girl :-)
Adam LaRoche
about 21 hours ago
How hot are the Nationals? LaRoche's game-ending homer in the 11th last night was the team's third straight walk-off win, the seventh straight win overall. The Braves have won four in a row and have fallen six games back.
Jimmy Rollins
about 21 hours ago
First I've heard of an axe bat ...
Joc Pederson
1 day ago
Ned Colletti confirmed that both Pederson and Alex Guerrero will be called up in September. The at-bats probably won't be there until the division race is settled, but in Pederson's case they probably should be.
Oswaldo Arcia
1 day ago
Four homers and seven RBI in the past week. Yes, I'm back on the Arcia bandwagon.

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